Top Business Options to Join the Healthy Living Trend


The COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize just how vulnerable they can be when the global food and materials supply chains get disrupted. From toilet paper and flour to frozen pepperoni and pizza, the usual items that consumers normally buy in bulk suddenly seemed out of peoples’ reach.

Aside from food and household items, millions of individuals likewise saw just how critical health and wellness are. This was especially the case when it became clear that people with weak immune systems are highly at-risk to the virus. Accordingly, the pandemic has forced the $4.5 trillion health and wellness industry to make radical changes to adapt to the sudden rise in demands for related products and services.

If you’re currently considering which business to explore this year to capitalize on the recent consumer interest in health and wellness products and services, here are several options you could try your hands on:

1. Meal planner.

If you don’t want to spend a huge capital outlay to kickstart a health and wellness-related business this 2021, then consider a meal planning venture. As people are now more keen on losing weight and eating healthy, meal planners become sought-after practitioners. As a meal planner, you will help craft custom meal plans to ensure that your clients do not eat unhealthy food impulsively. You can begin as a solo venture and then hire additional employees as your business progresses.

2. Healthy food franchise.

While we’re on the topic of healthy eating, another great business opportunity to explore right now is getting a healthy food franchise. A fresh food franchise option and other similar franchise opportunities are among the hottest trends these days. People are increasingly shying away from fast-food meals and preferring fresh, healthy food instead. While a franchise may cost you a considerable amount of money, the great return on investment (ROI) that you may enjoy could be worth the financial risk you’ll take.

3. Health and wellness coach.

As a health and wellness coach, you’ll play a great role in guiding your clients towards achieving a healthy mind and body through healthy living advice. This could include guidance on proper diet and exercise and tips on substance abuse prevention, and even meditation techniques. You can take available training to become a health and wellness coach, so this should be an easy avenue to take.

4. Personal trainer.

Just like a health and wellness coach, a personal trainer offers professional guidance to clients on how they could best achieve the kind of body they want. This is a job that you can do either face-to-face or online — through recorded videos or online video calls. You’ll need training for this and relevant certification to legally practice, so be sure to do your research first.

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5. Wellness retreat.

Millions of people are most likely aching to get away from their homes and spend time in a holiday spot to ease the stress that the pandemic brings to them. Many of these people are also specifically looking for a place where they could enjoy a variety of activities and amenities that promote health and wellness. As such, you should consider a wellness retreat business if you have the money and skills to run one.

6. Health and wellness products.

From essential oils to dietary supplements, there is no shortage of demand for products that promote health and wellness among consumers. This is a pretty easy business to set up since you can resell such products or apply as a distributor. Depending on the kind and quantity of products you intend to sell, you can expect to have an initial investment of a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Just start small and then pick up the pace as your client base and sales grow.

7. Juice bar.

Juice from fresh fruits (and even some veggies like carrots) are among the most popular healthy products on the market, even before the pandemic hit. As such, you can start a mini juice bar outside your yard or in a commercial location. If you have the budget for it, you can open a proper bar or franchise from a reputable brand, so you won’t have to worry about the many things needed to set up such a business.

With these great business options in health and wellness, getting a chunk of this booming industry should be a lot easier for you. Just pick the one that suits your budget, skills, and interest perfectly, and you’re good to go.

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