The Advantages Of Using Mediation To Solve Disputes

Dealing with contractual, commercial disputes, pollution liability, and patent disputes can be challenging. If the process entails going to court, some factors might derail the settling of the dispute. The wheels of justice tend to turn slowly. Sometimes, getting justice is not always a guarantee. There is also a need to hire an attorney. And this is where you must assess the options available regarding law firms. You cannot hire an attorney for the sake of it. Hire an attorney who is well-versed in the case you are dealing with. Unfortunately, getting such an attorney can take too much time. Besides, it can be expensive. You have to deal with paying high attorney fees.

Instead of going to court, some people opt to use alternative dispute resolution methods. Arbitration, mediation, dialogue, and facilitation are becoming popular methods through which conflicting parties are used to solve their disputes. But what is mediation? It entails having a third party or person(mediator) come in to help the people in conflict negotiate well and handle their issues without going to court.

Hiring A Mediator

The right mediator will help solve a conflict, and arrive at a settlement that is fair to both parties. But hiring a mediator is something you have to deal with first. But how do you go about it? A good mediator should have great communication skills. The mediator should be able to lower any tension while negotiating for a settlement. Not any mediator will be able to calm a heated debate or conflict resolution process. Besides, the experience and reputation of the mediator matter. You need someone who has a great track record when it comes to settling disputes. Therefore, you can rely on recommendations and reviews from people who have worked with mediators before. This will enable you to hire someone competent.

Mediation Saves On Time

Mediation helps save time when dealing with a conflict. You do not need to go to court. So, the long court battles are avoided. Besides, you do not have to go through the process of hiring a lawyer. There will be no spending time assessing the available lawyers so that you can hire one to represent you. All you need to solve your dispute is to have a mediator. The mediation process will have both parties sharing their stories to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Without the long court battles, less time is spent on solving that contractual dispute.


If you do not want many people meddling in a dispute you are dealing with, then you can opt for alternative dispute resolution methods. Mediation is a suitable method that will guarantee you confidentiality. The only people in your case will be you, the other party, and the mediator. So, there are fewer people who know about your dispute. That prevents the leaking of information that might disadvantage your reputation, family, or business.

Sense Of Finality

Mediation ensures a conflict is resolved to finality. Going to court opens a possibility for appeal. If any party is dissatisfied with the judgment, they can move to the appellate court. That might make your dispute or conflict drag on for a long time. It becomes hard to bring finality to a conflict. So, most time is spent trying to solve a dispute instead of engaging in other important matters. With mediation, you get to deal with issues causing the conflict. A proper settlement that is nondiscriminatory is arrived at. That prevents escalation of the conflict. Besides, the parties with differences can now put their issues aside and move forward.

Preserve Relationships

In the face of conflict, people or businesses can burn bridges. Relationships that would have been productive in the future are dealt a big blow. You will find conflicting parties going to court. That might even escalate the conflict. Mediation can help mend and preserve relationships. The mediator helps address the source of the disputes and lasting solutions are arrived at. That helps maintain relationships for future collaborations.


Mediation does help save time, enhance confidentiality, preserve relationships, and prevent conflict escalation. That being said, it is becoming one of the best alternative dispute resolution methods that are being used to issues out of court. No need to hire a lawyer that will exploit you with high fees.

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