Starting a Side Hustle with a Full-Time Job

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With the uncertainties of the current economy due to the pandemic, it is no wonder that many people are starting a side hustle. A side hustle can provide you with an additional income stream on top of your main source of income. A side hustle can also provide an avenue to work on your hobbies and passion while earning some extra cash.

Of course, it can seem overwhelming working on a side business while working full-time. Going home from a nine-to-five job can make it feel like you have no time left for a side hustle. However, a side hustle that can pad your income does not have to be complicated.

When running a side hustle, make sure to set your priorities and your schedule. Remember not to sacrifice sleep and rest, especially if you are working onsite. You would not want to have to face a pedestrian accident lawyer if you get into an accident because you fell asleep while you were driving.

Start with a Simple Side Hustle

If you think you can’t handle having a side hustle that will take much of your time, start with something easy. You can start by selling unused stuff that you have in your home. Remember those dresses in the back of your closet that haven’t fit you well since the other year? Or those paperbacks and video games that are collecting dust on your shelf? Why not sell them online?

You can sell your unwanted items on Craiglist and even on your Facebook. From kitchen gadgets, toys to baby accessories, you can sell them as long as they are in decent shape and still functional. The best part is, you are decluttering while making some money.

All you need to do is take a decent photo of your item. Write a detailed description, along with its flaws, if there are any. You can meet your buyers in public places for your safety and privacy.

Step Up Once You Get the Hang of It

Once you have gottenĀ rid of your own unused and unwanted items, you can start reselling brand-new items. You can source and buy them cheap and resell them at a higher price. Look for sites where you can source items you want to resell and buy them at lower prices.

You can resell shoes, home decor, clothing, books, and even collectible items. With a little internet research, you can find items that are actually valued more. You can choose items that you are familiar with, so you will know their worth. You can also browse the aisles of Target and look for popular items on clearance sale. You will be surprised that an e-reader being sold on eBay for $100 actually cost just half in the clearance aisle of Target.

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Work on Your Passion and Hobby

Do you love baking cakes and cookies? Why not make some money on it? Post some samples of your previous creations on your Facebook account and be open for orders. You can limit how many orders you will take and when you will accept orders.

If you love photography, have an eye for a great composition, and have invested in a decent camera, you can also monetize your hobby. Create a portfolio of your works. You can offer your free services to your family and friends so you can build your portfolio.

You can also monetize other artistic hobbies, such as graphics design and craft making. If you love gardening, you can also make some extra cash out of it. Grow extras of the same variety, transfer them in pretty pots, and sell them online.

Start a Freelancing Career

If you find that you can spare at least two to four hours a day, why not take on a freelancing job? There are many freelancing platforms that you can choose from, with so many possible side hustles. Do you have a knack for writing? You can write articles or web page content for websites. You can also teach English online to children and even business people who want to learn to speak English.

Sometimes, all you need to do is to start with something simple to accomplish something greater. Not everyone is in a day job that they love to do. Having a side hustle lets you work on things that you truly love and make some extra income at the same time.

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