Ideas for Managing Stress After Your Cancer Treatment

cancer survivor woman

cancer survivor woman

Anxiety, stress, and loneliness usually accompany a cancer diagnosis. Just because you have completed your active treatment does not necessarily mean that those feelings will automatically go away. You might even worry whether your treatment has actually worked or that it has caused various bodily changes that you might have to get used to. You’re looking forward to getting back to your “normal” life pre-cancer, but you might have to leave that life behind and adapt to your “new normal.” Don’t fret; there are many different ways you can use for managing these new feelings and reducing your stress level.

Unleash Your Creativity

Plenty of individuals find that pursuing their creative interests will help them release their pent-up feelings safely. You can try painting or drawing, writing stories or poetry, starting a blog, singing, dancing, or making your own music. Try everything and experiment to see which ones work for you.

Don’t Bottle Up Your Emotions

You might feel like you have to banish your negative emotions and tension before you go off. You can try crying your heart out, punching or screaming into a pillow, listening to loud music and dancing and singing along to it, or starting a diary or journal among many others. Venting your emotions through any of these might help you feel more balanced, and you won’t be hurting anyone with these methods.

Work Out Regularly

cancer patient with doctor

Plenty of cancer patients find that they are less stressed, generally have more energy, and feel better when they work out regularly. Take note that you can continue working out while undergoing treatment and after it, provided that you’re strong enough and that your doctor says it’s fine. It’s also a good idea to work with a professional trainer to help you plan a workout routine that’s safe for you. Tai chi and yoga are gentle but very effective forms of exercise. They can help you de-stress because they combine breathing exercises, movement, and mindfulness. In time, you might even feel healthy enough to join one of those special camps for cancer patients.

Get a Massage

Getting a massage is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself. However, talk to your doctor before getting a massage since he or she might have some specific guidelines for your massage therapist, like only massaging specific body areas or using only gentle strokes on specific body parts.

Learn to Relax

Relaxing your mind and body through meditation, even for a couple of minutes a day, can help you feel more in control of your feelings, calmer, and just better. You can use DVDs, instructional books, or take actual classes to learn how to meditate properly. Refrain from turning to alcohol to cope with your feelings.

There are plenty of ways to handle stress and negative emotions. However, since everyone feels and copes with stress differently, what works for someone might not work for another. Still, if you feel that you just can’t get a hold of yourself and your stress level, it’s best that you discuss it with your doctor.

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