How to Successfully Integrate Social Media with Web Design

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Do you think your business website is underperforming? If so, you might need to make improvements to reach your target performance levels. One way is to integrate social media with your site. Doing so has many advantages, some of which include more traffic, higher conversion rates, more time spent browsing, and lower bounce rates.

Experts from a creative agency in Salt Lake City cite the following techniques that enable you to seamlessly integrate social media with your website.

Create a Login Option

One of the ways to create a seamless connection between your social media accounts and your site is to install a login option for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Many users integrate most of their accounts on their phones. Capitalize on this by using the same thought process with your website. Providing a one-click-login syncs your target audience with your brand. This also provides you with a gateway to all important data that allows you to customize and personalize the content you publish and promote.

Use Handles and Hashtags

You will find many hashtags and handles throughout social media. This is a unique marketing approach that some companies employ. If your audience skews toward social media savvy users, you can incorporate the “@” and the “#” symbols on your site. Include your handle on Twitter and the most commonly used hashtags whenever you publish content. These grab the attention of browsing users and may pique their curiosity. This will funnel them to your social media accounts and boost the number of your followers.

Exit Intent Pop-ups

This technique boosts the likelihood of conversion because it sends a message to a user that is about to leave your site. This gives them second thoughts about leaving and influences them to possibly change their mind. The message that pops up can also contain more details about your brand and social media presence. Users then have the option to follow you and like your page.

Build a Brand Timeline

Social media provides you with a glimpse of a person’s activities. You see this spread across a timeline in chronological order. Apply the same layout to your website to provide visitors with a sense of your brand’s story. Stories are an effective form of communication that allows you to relate to your intended audience. With this kind of layout, you will be able to tell your visitors about the beginnings of your company until its current form. This gives them a sense of history and an opportunity to be part of a growing brand that shares their values.

Install Notification Tickers

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Message notifications are a way for social media sites to quickly notify their users that they have messages or there are new posts they might be interested in. When someone signs up, you can send them notifications about the latest promos and news about your company. This keeps them updated and may pique their interest. This also increases the likelihood of conversion.

These are some of the ways to integrate your social media accounts with your site. These techniques have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

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