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The remote work from setup has been proven to be a success for a lot of companies worldwide. Last year, millions of non-essential personnel were forced to work from home due to the coronavirus Pandemic. Thousands of companies were forced to adapt to the rules and restrictions placed by their respective governmental bodies. Even small businesses had to adapt. Most of them had to move online to evade bankruptcy. Around 20% of the businesses had to close down overall because of the pandemic, whether related to the pandemic.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that a lot are experiencing fatigue and anxiety from all the months in lockdown. According to studies, anxiety and depression have seen a sharp rise in all the months spent in lockdown. Even if away from the hustle and bustle of office life, many were overcome with stress because of the lack of freedom and movement. There is an uptick in online psychiatric evaluations in the past year because of the strain and pressure the pandemic brought. Life, while home, became difficult even with its safety and comforts.

Companies have begun deploying many tactics to keep their employees’ spirits up. While most are still unwilling to go back to the actual office and be productive there, there is little incentive to staying at home at the moment. Aside from the reports of unproductivity, people are beginning to mix office and home life. How can we improve employee morale without leaving the safety of our homes?

Rethinking Perspective Through Online Group Sharing

Persuading people to change their minds can be difficult. However, perspectives can be easily swayed for the better. Instead of having the attitude that you are trapped inside your home, one can turn it around if, instead of exploring the outside, you can explore your internal thoughts. Having online group sharing sessions with your officemates — no matter their positions are in the company — can and will improve morale.

Studies have shown that group therapy sessions, even for the people who are merely passive participants, are effective in exercising human beings’ sense of compassion and selflessness. There are a lot of lonely people out there right now. A lot can be willing to bet that at least one person in your work area is currently experiencing loneliness or anxiety. Online group therapy sessions with a proper moderator can help facilitate the flow of emotions. It is a firm showing that they are not alone in their own homes — and everyone is experiencing loneliness from not seeing each other. If even one person progresses to a positive mental state, so will others.

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Enrichment of Their Own Choosing

Online seminars can help the employees grow outside the company even while inside their homes. Sponsoring seminars that can elevate the skill set of the beloved employees will be greatly beneficial in the long run. It will show how much the company cares for its employees amidst the current crisis on our hands. Getting the appropriate speakers is important to pique the interest of your employees. Not only will they benefit from the classes or seminars you will try to sponsor, but you will also gain some new technical skills that will eventually benefit your company.

Also, you can tweak the seminars to represent the skill you want to be achieved. If you are a communication and media firm, explore the nuances of the language by hiring a private English tutor to talk about it. If you are in a firm involved with the film industry, a short refresher seminar or course about animation will surely attract a lot to further enrich themselves in whatever you are offering.

Offering Company Counseling

Offering psychological counseling that is company-sponsored will be beneficial for your employees and yourself in the long run. Personal counseling is widely believed not to be therapeutic but rather curing. However, counseling can prevent the onset of many psychological illnesses like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders.

It is also helpful in calming the already hectic environment one may have at home. It can be a surely enriching activity for those who actually need a professional’s help. Around 5% of adults experience some mental illness once in their life. There is surely someone in your company that needs some help.

While remote work has been generally beneficial for many people, some people suffer tremendously in the shadows. Anxiety and loneliness have conquered some living quarters of people stuck at home. Offering safe online enrichment activities to take care of and motivate your employees is the best path you can take to build a better team even while working remotely.

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