Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Shouldn’t Miss this 2021

With everything that unexpectedly and abruptly happened in 2020, businesses adapted to new changes to survive. This adaptation has lead digital marketing in different directions. Directions that were not predicted a few years back. At least, not this soon.

While thousands of businesses did not make it to 2021, some businesses have gone through the roof. For instance, in the eCommerce industry, online sales exploded in greater numbers in all parts of the world. Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more consumers are shying away from physical stores and shifting to digital shopping.

This dramatic shift is changing the way businesses are connecting to their patrons. Digital marketing is becoming more important now than ever. These are the new digital trends every business must not overlook.

1. More Brands Pivoting with Purpose, Mission, and Compassion

Social media made consumers aware and well-informed shoppers. And because of this, an outstanding product and service are no longer sufficient to win a customer. These customers are favoring brands that align with their personal principles.

This taps businesses to brainstorm and really go down their core to find why their business exists. Modern consumers want to support a brand that uses its power for goodwill.

While having a business that truly cares is not a fresh concept anymore, expect to see more of them this year.

The demand for brand managers to stay on top of this game is high. They can not sleep on this. That is why they must stay trainable and be open to continuous education. There are CPD online courses available that can improve their knowledge of handling digital marketing trends.

2. Live Streams and Growth in Influencers Content

When the lockdown was implemented in all states of America, many events, functions, and gatherings were canceled, causing brands to resort to live-streaming. Fortunately, this sudden online move was positively welcomed by different audiences.

Real-time video broadcasting has helped brands reach their market on a whole new level. While Youtube has already established the importance of video in today’s market, live streaming is now the new vehicle for online selling and shopping. One best example is Amazon Live. According to influencers and business owners, Amazon Live is a ‘best-kept secret.’

The live streaming technology undoubtedly reached new heights since the spike of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with it is the rise of influencers’ content relevance. Taking over a platform to recommend a product through live streaming has been a strong driving force in increasing retail sales.

Content like this fosters trust between the brand and the consumer because it displays the “in-the-moment” bond the people in 2020 are longing for. It is still unknown how long this trend is going to last. But one thing is for sure: live streaming can grow your brand and can drive sales.


3. Chatbots Taking Over

Last 2020, technology has never been more relevant and vital than ever. Social distancing and lockdown fueled the increase in demand for both business and customer support. And this made chatbots perfectly fitted to fill the gap in dealing with customer care and managing business needs.

In 2019, about one-fourth of the population worldwide was using chatbots. Fast forward to now, it increased to a whopping 1.4 billion users. This increment conveys that chatbot is something to focus on in digital marketing today.

Here are the top chatbot trends to watch out for:

1. Becoming more human-like

2. More AI-driven

3. Chatbots becoming more relevant for businesses

4. Conversational chatbots

5. Ability to understand natural language

6. AI-driven call center

7. Strong presence in messaging apps

4. Diversity and Inclusivity

There was a massive pivot in inclusivity in 2020. Consumers are being more aware and informed through movements like Black Lives Matter. It is so powerful that it massively impacts purchasing habits of a consumer.

Consumers are more likely to stop supporting brands if they do not share their diversity and inclusivity views. Some consumers are even willing to completely boycott a brand that appears to be non-inclusive.

On the contrary, a brand that keeps its involvement in campaigns like this is more likely to get favored by those who support diversity and inclusivity.

The recent years had been the year of digital marketers. As it continues to develop, it just keeps on getting better and better. There is no sign that digital marketing will cease growing anytime soon. This makes it vital for a brand not to sleep on trends because this will keep them ahead of the curve.

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