Coworking Spaces and How They’re Changing The Norm in Business Organizations

Apartments, garages, and other kinds of unusual places have served as the first headquarters of some startup companies. While they save money, the less-than-ideal environment of these places can affect work quality. But a solution has been found for that.

Self-employed individuals and small startups have been using coworking spaces. These places allow members of various organizations to share a single workplace so these people can have a proper working environment at a low cost. These spaces that work like offices can be found in downtown Orlando, as well as in other cities.

Conference rooms and office desks and equipment are available in a coworking space. These also give the area a typical office-like feeling. Apart from the superb convenience, there are a lot more reasons coworking spaces are changing the game in business organizations.

Multi-Billion-Dollar Companies Have Used It

If you didn’t know, Instagram and Uber have used coworking spaces back in the day. These multi-billion-dollar companies thrived in using a shared office. It shows that such a work setting allows the creation of new ideas and maximum productivity. This is despite other workers of a different organization sharing space.

Besides, using your home or any other isolated space as an office can be dull. It can hinder your creative juices from flowing. Also, your home poses a lot of distractions, so your productivity may not be as high. The same can be said in other public places, too, like coffee shops.

Cost-Effective and Convenient for Startups

Renting a dedicated office space involves a ton of paperwork and advanced deposits. Compared to this, using a coworking space gives you more leniency in payments. This is because coworking spaces are similar to club membership. You can rent it monthly, have the option to pay hourly or weekly, or use a pay-as-you-go basis. This system is beneficial for the limited budget of startups.

Networking Opportunities

As a startup, forging connections with other organizations is crucial for your growth. When you work at home, doing this can be challenging, if not impossible.

With a coworking space, you can expose your business to many opportunities that can help your network grow. You can stumble upon an event that your organization can attend or discover another startup that can use your services.

Your Workplace is a Diverse Community

Because you use the same facility, your shared office becomes a prosperous community. This is because interactions aren’t due to societal pressures that a traditional office tends to impose. Even without frequent interactions, the people using the space still feel a strong sense of identity from being part of such a diverse community.

Furthermore, coworking spaces are more open compared to traditional offices. It means anyone can work in any area they see fit. Whether you need to concentrate alone or use the help of your colleagues, there would be an area suitable for you. You can also share a table with people from other organizations. This, of course, is a chance to make new friends and professional connections.

It’s Good for Your Well-Being

Co-working space

Traditional offices can be stifling because you’re forced to work only in your assigned cubicle. But with an open and shared space, you can feel so much better because you’re free to move around. 91% of people who work in a coworking space reported that their communication skills have improved, and 70% said that they felt healthier.

If you consider how everything is shared, coworking spaces have indeed changed the game for startup organizations. Aside from its professional environment, the chances of meeting new people and making new friends are always present. This is something reminiscent of our high school and university campuses.

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