A Few Basics of Planning an Event

Event arrangement and planning

Event planning is a fulfilling job. You work long hours organizing every single detail, making sure you’re prepared for every possible scenario. You go from one place to another for ocular visits and sealing the deal with other service providers. On the day of the event, you’re everywhere, always on your feet.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming event or just curious about what goes on behind the scenes, this will break down the basics of planning an event. From setting the date to emptying the venue, you will need to think of these while organizing The Next Big Thing:

Check the Calendar

Once you’ve talked to the client and contracts have been signed, it’s time to plot the next couple of months. Understand that you will have loads of responsibilities until the big day, so it’s necessary to set a timetable.

You should divide the prior weeks for tons and tons of meetings. When do you want to choose the flower arrangement? What exact date would you want to seal the deal with the venue? At what intervals would you want to meet with your clients for updates?

Once you’ve identified your goals for specific dates, it’s time to get on your feet (and never let go of your phone).

Know your choices

People who have been in this business for a long time already have a directory of businesses they frequent. However, as a beginner, you’re going to have to go around quite a lot, asking questions and comparing one service with another. For example, compare the portfolios of photographers and videographers or the size and amenities of different venues.

Part of this decision-making is sticking to your goal, motif, and budget without compromising clients’ requests.

Pay attention to the venue’s ambiance

amazing luxury decorated place ceiling for wedding reception

To choose the right venue, think about the event. Do you need an indoor or outdoor space? If it’s the former, you can try hotels and function rooms. If it’s the latter, you can check an open field or a parking lot.

An outdoor event would certainly need more equipment because the guest will need shelter from weather changes. Fabric structure buildings are the best option for this because they are economical and portable, which means they can be installed efficiently.

Give enough time for invitations

One measure of a successful event is the guest turnout. This is why invitations and/or posters are essential to event organizing.

Personal celebrations would primarily need invitations individually distributed and mailed to the guest list. This should be sent at least a month before the event, considering the mailing system is fast. You need to give the guests time to RSVP as well.

On the other hand, public events use posters, print, or digital. This should be posted at least one week before the event to give it time to circulate online and for people to take note of it.

A lot of things happen way before the day of the event. There are’s planning and brainstorming to make it successful and memorable for the clients.

When everything is done, you realize you accomplished all those tasks and brought joy to your clients. You made their wedding ceremony possible. You helped them celebrate another year of their life. You brought order into what could have been a chaotic community gathering.

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