Young Adults and Health: Common Bad Eating Habits Induced by Stress

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Many adults in their 20s can agree that they’re experiencing the turning point in their lives, having just finished school and getting permanent jobs. However, those milestones aren’t as exciting as they sound.

As the reality of adulthood sinks into these young adults, stress consumes them, pushing them to resort to eating habits that will give them temporary satisfaction. Daily doses of takeout coffee have become their source of energy, and while caffeine can indeed kick-start your morning, the amount of sugar being added in the beverage can diminish its health benefits.

That said, let’s identify every unhealthy eating habit young adults tend to have, and the risks they entail.

Eating Too Much Fast Food

On days when we’re just too exhausted to cook a decent meal, we just dial a few digits on our phones. Minutes later, a mouthwatering meal will already be served at our doorsteps. The convenience of fast food is a blessing in this scenario. But relishing it too much, even on days when we can totally get up and cook, then a growing waistline won’t be the only consequence. We also develop risks of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

It can be hard to give up excessive fast food, but it is not worth the health risks and heavier weight. There are plenty of healthy breakfasts you can make under 12 minutes and dinners you can cook in 15 minutes or less. Explore those recipes, instead, and see your waistline and health improve.

Frequent Snacking

couple eatingWhen we’re stressed or bored, we tend to snack even if we’re not hungry, tampering with our body’s natural hunger and satisfaction signals. This habit pushes us to unconsciously overeat, adding extra pounds to our weight, particularly if it’s junk food we’re munching on.

Quit this impulse by reacquainting yourself with hunger. Eat only when your body physically craves food. When you eat, don’t wait until you’re feeling bloated before stopping. And, of course, snack only on healthy food such as fruits, nuts, veggies, and whole-grain treats.

Drinking Too Much Soda and Booze

Soda is loaded with sugar or unhealthy sweeteners, both of which undoubtedly harmful to our health. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages can become poisonous in excessive amounts. Women who are more sensitive to alcohol may catch heart disease, weakened bones, and memory loss.

Alcoholic drinks and soda can also damage our liver. Sugar from soda cause fatty liver, which can contribute to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The effects are even more threatening with too much alcohol, cancer being one of them.

Overcoming Unhealthy Eating Habits

Health experts recommend various ways to beat unhealthy eating habits. One of them is weighing yourself often to ensure that you’re maintaining a healthy BMI. If you’re uncomfortable with that, just be sure that you’re getting 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity every day. It will burn down your calories and fat, especially if you accompany it with a reduced sugar diet. And as it goes without saying, eat your vegetables.

There has been an increasing demand for health coaches due to the aging population and a large number of overweight and sedentary people. If you can’t seem to find the right diet and exercise routine for you, being coached will definitely help. Your coach’s enthusiasm may even encourage you to sign up for a life-changing health coach training program. By being perfectly healthy yourself, you’ll even be more inspired to stay in shape and influence others to do the same.

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