Workplace Tunes: Reasons to Include Music in Your Office

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When one thinks of an office, it is common to think of a place where everyone is quietly focused on their work. The only sounds that one can hear are people talking, footsteps on the floor, and the sounds of items being moved and used. It isn’t as common to hear music playing in the background. Possibly there’s some in the lounge or reception area, but not in the main work area. But why not include it, or at least encourage the habit of listening to music? Here are some of its benefits for you and your co-workers:

Helps People Relax

Work can get stressful, no matter if you are typing data into the computer or you’re meeting with business partners. Sometimes, you even experience some anxiety as you’re trying to beat deadlines and satisfy customer demands. Aside from taking breaks every so often, you can also listen to some music to help yourself relax and relieve some of the stress. If you have the authority to, you can even turn violin lessons into a way for employees to get their minds off work for a while.

Lifts Their Mood

Not only can work become stressful, but it can also make you feel down. This is especially true if it is coupled with a bad day in general or you’ve experienced a recent failure. Listening to music that you like can help get your mood up enough to continue working. Just make sure that you don’t choose any tunes that are too distracting, or it will become counterproductive and leave you doing less instead of more.

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Provides a Way Out of Distractions

Sometimes, the ambient sounds in the office can be so loud and disorganized that it won’t let you think. Listening to music can help you drown out the noise and focus instead on what you are doing. There are playlists on music and video streaming websites and apps that are focused on these kinds of tunes. Often, they’re calm instrumentals and even include some nature sounds such as rain, soft rumbles of thunder, as well as flowing water.

Improves Creativity

If you are in a field of work where you need to come up with ideas, listening to music can make you feel inspired. Some people create their best work because of certain songs that they have heard, after all. You might be one of those people who get ideas from lyrics or the emotion behind the music being played. Playing instruments while you’re on a break can also have the same effect. Even just experimenting with a few notes can help you think outside your normal process.

Music can be useful, no matter what field of work you are in. Just make sure to show consideration while you are listening. You must avoid distracting others by singing and tapping your toes and fingers. And make sure that the music is not too loud that it doesn’t let you hear anything else. Etiquette is still in play, after all.

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