When to seek out a commercial lease solicitor

Lease contract

The complexities of renting and leasing can be an extremely confusing matter for both landlords and tenants. In many cases, parties such as estate agents or property managers might not offer detailed enough legal support, which is where individuals may need to seek the services of a commercial lease solicitor.

What they offer to landlords

Landlords have a whole series of legal rights and obligations. Solicitors acting on a landlord’s behalf will be the first point of contact to discuss any legal matters with their tenant’s solicitors. They will be able to work with landlords to create necessary legal documentation and bring together discussions with the other party to agree and sign a lease. One of the most crucial services they offer is helping to manage financial elements such as deposits, fees and rent. Solicitors will negotiate terms of leases and will help to make obligations of both the landlord and the tenant clear to both parties, this could include items such as who is responsible for specific repairs and maintenance of a property and what to do in case of issues such as fire and flooding.

Having a knowledgeable legal professional negotiate the complexities of UK property law can be essential for many landlords, especially those with multiple properties. Essentially, solicitors act upon their behalf to help certify the fair treatment of both themselves and tenants, ensuring that the law is followed and hopefully elevating a great deal of stress and responsibility in the process.

What they offer to tenants

In effect a commercial lease solicitor represents tenants in the same way they represent landlords, this means making sure the correct legal protocol is enacted on behalf of tenants. If there is any concern, then solicitors can arrange to carry out searches of the property to ensure elements such as drainage and consents are all fit and legal whilst confirming any costs that tenants could incur that may not have been made immediately clear by landlords. If necessary they can conduct pre-contract conversations with a landlords solicitor on these matters and any others that may be of concern.

Solicitors deal with everything and anything that relates to the legal obligations of the tenants until the lease is signed and depending on the particular arrangements between solicitor and client will be available to deal with any follow-up questions or problems. For example, it is important for tenants to be absolutely sure what they are allowed to do with regards to modifying/decorating the property whilst at the same time ensuring tenants know what the landlord is allowed to charge as a service charge in the event of damage and repair. Perhaps one of the most complex situations to navigate is what happens if the landlord/tenant relationship breaks down and either party wants the lease to be terminated; tenants have certain rights so obligations such as notice periods must be observed. If a tenant should want to leave but the lease has not yet expired, then a solicitor can advise tenants if they are able to sublet their property.

Keys with house keychain representing lease of property

In many instances, landlords and tenants are able to communicate effectively without the use of solicitors, especially if estate agents are acting on behalf of the two. Still, there are plenty of instances where in-depth legal knowledge and representation is essential for the benefit of both parties.

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