Well-oiled Machines: 8 Lifestyle Gadgets to Help You Level Up


If there’s one thing you can say about technology, it is that it has helped make things so much more convenient for all of us. Automating things has helped people focus more on important things, and the advent of gadgets has seemingly expanded an entirely new field of science. From iPhones with your entire schedule fitting into the palm of your hand to Fitbits counting the number of steps you’ve taken to AIs telling you the daily weather, technology can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives.

Have you ever considered utilizing technology to help you take care of the minor aspects of housekeeping or self-care you sometimes forgot to think about? For tech-savvy gurus to clueless first-times, there’s sure to be a lifestyle gadget below that answers your personal need to a tee. Take a look at the list compiled below, enumerating the ways we can personalize gadgets to make life easier.

Handheld Sanitizer Wands

We live in the midst of a global pandemic. And even though vaccines have helped lessen the dangers of COVID-19, it’s still essential to sanitize things and places where viruses and germs are prone to attach themselves. This is all well and good for something that can be thrown in the wash and sanitized with heat. But what about things you can’t exactly douse in alcohol or detergent to sanitize? And this is why Esquire recommends UV sanitizers come in, specifically handheld, pocket-sized sanitizers you can take with you on the go to sanitize things before touching them. Better be safe than sorry, right? Make sure to lessen the chances of pesky infections by carrying this gadget with you when you’re out and about.

Massage Chairs

massage chair

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting a massage to stretch out all the kinks in your muscles after a hard day’s work. But personal massages may be pretty pricey, not to mention that they usually need to be scheduled into your workweek. If you have money to spare for a gift that allows you to treat yourself every night after work, consider getting an OSIM massage chair for at-home massages whenever you want. This will actually help save you money in the long run as you don’t need to pay for it every time you use it. Not to mention being able to physically relax before you go to sleep means you’ll get enough rest for another busy workday.

Pocket Cameras

Whether you’re a vlogger, there are just times a handheld, pocket-sized camera makes taking videos more manageable than when you’re on your phone. One disadvantage of smartphones being used as video cameras is that they’re clunky. You can’t exactly swing it around without fear of dropping it because you can’t quite grip it in your hand. Or the range of features it has dedicated to filming videos is limited. Smartphone cameras have come a long way in terms of specifications. Still, if you plan on being more serious with the videos you take, nothing beats a camera designed explicitly with filming in mind.

Pet Food Dispensers

If you have a pet at home and haven’t already bought an automatic pet food dispenser, this is your sign to get one. Even if you have someone at home who takes care of your pet, there will be times you’ll be too preoccupied to realize it’s way past your pet’s feeding time. Having a pet food dispenser that gives out a set amount of food at a particular time will help give your pet a sense of routine—and will help take one more thing off your extensive to-do list. Give the gift of peace of mind to you and Buddy by having technology help you both.

Compartment Pans

Have you ever had to juggle cooking several things at once and wishing you could have more burners to cook them on? Consider utilizing compartment pans! These pans have ridges inside that allow you to cook several things at once in one pan. Use these for family barbecues or when you’re cooking several dishes to entertain guests. You save a lot of time, and it lessens the number of dishes and pans you have to cook afterward.

Wallet-sized Flashlights

You never realize how valuable flashlights are until you’re stuck outside your door in the dark because you forgot about the busted porch light, and now you can’t find your keys. Flashlights have come a long way from the big clunky gadgets they were before. Of course, you can always use your phone light to help you see, but what about instances where the battery is dead, or you don’t have your phone on you? Always be ready by carrying a small pocket-sized flashlight you can attach to your key ring or consider nifty credit-card-sized flashlights that fit into your wallet.

Robot Vacuums

Sweeping and mopping are necessary chores if you’d much rather not live in a house with dirty floors. But they’re also rather time-consuming and mind-numbingly dull chores. Consider outsourcing these mundane tasks to robot vacuums! You’ve probably heard of Roombas, but a lot of other brands have jumped onto the robot vacuum cleaner bandwagon. You can have your pick of the litter by researching for the best automated cleaners online to help you keep your floors spic and span. These gadgets will help give you back precious minutes or hours you can use to focus on something more important.

Tracking Devices

Last but not least, consider putting tracking devices on your phone or keys or anything else essential to your that would be migraine-inducing should they ever get lost. There are many apps and gadgets online that can help you keep track of your things—just make sure you’re keeping within the legal limits of using these devices (which means no tracking people, though you may sorely be tempted to). These devices give great comfort of mind and save you hundreds of dollars by allowing you to locate something you may have forgotten on your way to work or while running around doing errands. Your future self will be grateful for your past self’s advanced thinking.

With such busy lifestyles, sometimes taking the time to care for yourself or put your things into order can fall by the wayside when you’re trying to cater to the demands of others. Learn to work smarter by utilizing gadgets to help you take care of the small details to focus on the big picture.

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