Travel Vlogging While Studying Abroad



Vloggers are revolutionizing the travel industry. According to research, businesses are expected to spend over $20 billion on video marketing in 2020. In 2016, brands only allotted $9.9 billion of their digital ad budgets to YouTubers.

Considering that there is a lot of money to be made in vlogging, many international students are joining the bandwagon. After all, they are already tourists just by studying abroad. Making exciting videos about their life away from home can be a convenient way to make money to fund their comprehensive medical insurance and more trips.

While anyone can be a travel vlogger and earn handsome income on the side, international students should think twice before filming. Living and studying in a foreign country can already be hard, and vlogging can add an extra set of challenges you have to contend with.

Below are the things that may happen if you start your own travel vlog as an international student.

Being Too Careless

Walking and talking in front of a camera is a skill you may need to master a long time. The problem is honing your hosting prowess in the streets going home, riding public transport, or hiking off the beaten path. The more you get comfortable with what you are doing, the more you may disregard safety as long as you do not get into an accident.

Being Too Willing to Take Risks


As you aspire to be a YouTube sensation, you may try the craziest things for likes, comments, and subscriptions. In the competitive world of travel vlogging, it can be challenging to attract attention from random people and build a following among a specific audience.

Like many celebrities do, you may resort to doing controversial stunts to achieve your branding goals. There is nothing wrong about going the extreme lengths to be noticed, but know the line you should not cross. Not all exciting and favorite things are worth the trouble, especially when they are hazardous.

A good case in point is the tragedy of several YouTubers who swam and fatally got swept away by the perilous Shannon Falls in British Columbia, Canada. They all belonged to a vlog group called High on Life who got viral for partaking in dangerous stunts.

Being Too Honest

Part of vlogging is establishing credibility to your viewers, which may involve speaking of truthful testimonials. After all, your main asset is your personality.

Absolute honesty, though, can put you in hot water. Some locals may find critical outsiders arrogant. As an international student, you should make friends get by until you earn your degree. Bad-mouthing something about a country, no matter how accurate your observations are, is risky.

Being Too Famous

If you become an online celebrity, be ready to give up your privacy. Popularity can be advantageous on certain occasions, but being known by many may affect your social life. Your travel vlogs may not suffice to make you as recognizable as a Hollywood star, but consider the repercussions before you document your trips and post them on the Internet.

Travel vlogging can be a source of extra bucks while enjoying your life as an international student, but it will not be all fun. Understand the good and the bad to become a social influencer while staying safe and sane.

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