The Problem with Getting Married Early



Millennials, in general, are marrying late. However, it’s not their age that matters when we say marrying “early.” Instead, it’s the state of the relationship that should be taken into consideration. When millennials marry their partner without giving their future much thought, that’s where things go wrong.

Here’s a preview of what happens when you get married early into the relationship:

You Don’t Give the Relationship a Chance to Mature

When you’re meeting someone new, everything about them is exciting. Some pairs get along so perfectly that you’re convinced they’re your soulmate. And they might be, but that doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing. A mature relationship can survive the test of time, so there’s no need to rush. Those who let their emotions take over might regret it later. Once the thrill of being with someone new sets in and you uncover some of the unbearable habits of your spouse, you can’t wait to contact divorce attorneys in Albuquerque to get out of the union. Things would have been better if you waited a few more months to get to know the person and decide that, despite their flaws, you want to be with them forever.

You Don’t Know How Compatible You Are in Dealing with Real-world Issues


Your date nights always end on a good note, and you enjoy spending the whole day with them. When you’re apart, you can’t wait to see them at the end of the day. It’s normal to want to be with your significant other as much as possible, but when you’re married, living together gives you that and so much more. It might be overwhelming when you have to deal with less-than-ideal situations, such as overtime and financial matters. You don’t share finances when you’re dating, but after you get married, you have to settle household finances as a team. What happens when you find out your spouse earns less money than they initially said they did, and their saving habits don’t align with yours?

You Don’t Have an Exit Plan

Not all marriages end badly. However, those that do might end up leaving the divorcees feeling lost. A couple that has taken their time to build their careers individually before tying the knot will have some progress to show for their time in the workforce. Those who decide to marry someone they just met are still in that fairytale phase–they put all of their eggs in one basket. They might even agree to quit their job with their spouse promising to support them. This is not a bad thing if your spouse can stay committed forever, but if they decide they want a divorce, you’ll be left without a career to work for you. You’ll have to return to the workplace and start from scratch. Rather than face an uncertain future, make something of yourself so that whatever happens in the relationship, you’ll land on your feet.

A new relationship always sounds fun, and when you’re fascinated with your partner, you idealize them. Getting married while in this stage of a relationship might only spell disaster, so think wisely.

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