The Bottle-less Society and Why It Makes Sense


While wading on the seashore on your vacation, you don’t want to think about how the ocean has become a huge soup of garbage and plastic. The reality that we should all know is that there are millions of tons of debris in the water and most of it is plastic.

Plastic, including plastic bottles, has become a unique problem because it stays much longer, like 1000 years in its form than any other type of trash. The majority of our ocean trash comes from the land – they are either carried by rivers, storms, or drains. Thus, one of the best ways for us to protect the ocean and the environment is to minimize plastic use and keep them off our waterways. There are small habits you can do to help out.

Wean Yourself From Using Plastic Bottles

Many of the things we use in our everyday life involve plastic. Some people drink straight from single-use plastic bottles and dispose of them when done. Take note of how often you use these things and start replacing them with reusable, sustainable versions such as bringing your own reusable mug, silverware, and bags.

Stop Buying Water

Every year, billions of plastic bottles are thrown in the garbage dump and they end up in our oceans. Start carrying a reusable bottle and you will never buy a bottle of water again. If you are worried about the quality of your local tap water, invest in the built-in filter for your faucet.

Save Energy at Home

Another simple lifestyle change you can do is to help is to put a little more effort into energy conservation at home. Invest in a wireless tabletop space heater and make sure that your abode is properly insulated to minimize your energy consumption. It will not only help the environment, you also save more from your energy bills.

Cook More

Japanese curry

Making your own meals at home is healthier and will not use take out containers and plastics. In case you have to order take out, say no to plastic utensils, and for extra credit, bring food containers for leftovers from the restaurant.

Practice the Ethical Way of Gifting

During special occasions, choose to give environmentally ethical gifts to your loved ones. Instead of buying brand new things which may end up at the back of their closets, or their pile of Starbucks mug, consider giving memories or experiences. Buy them tickets to a concert or theater play. In case you want to purchase items, seek out thrift stores, garage sales, and online bazaars for excellent used second-hand items.

Buy in Bulk

When out for your grocery run, choose to buy in bulk when it comes to staple items like food, drinks, and toiletries. If you will buy often, you will dispose of more plastic trash often. Buy in bigger containers and you will save more money too.

The road to a bottle-less society and a world free of plastic pollution may be next to impossible. But with every small step and sacrifice that we do as we break free from the use of plastics, we are moving forward in solving this global problem. Start making that shift and wean yourself completely from using plastics.

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