The Business of Wellness is Booming: Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs


One recent survey found that as many as three in five Australian adults are stressed out because of and at work. Many of them do not feel that they can turn to their respective bosses for support.

On average, levels of stress among working adults in the Asia Pacific region were at 60 percent. However, the survey of nearly 2,000 Australians revealed 64 percent experience stress at work at least once a week. They also are among the least likely to discuss mental health problems at work.

Stress is a common issue, but not a lot of people have developed a healthy way to address it. When stress is left untreated, it can lead to serious mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Populations not just in Australia but around the world are experiencing heightened levels of stress because of work and, more recently, a global pandemic. And, it is contributing to the expanding global wellness economy.

Wellness as a Business

In 2018, the wellness economy was valued at more than $4 trillion, around equal to the combined GDP of the United Kingdom and Canada. People are more stressed, and many are starting to take better care of their overall well-being. They are willing to spend more to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Wellness here is much more than selling pills and pseudoscience on social media. It is the active pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices, ranging from a well-balanced diet and regular exercise to beauty and home products.

The pandemic is further pushing the wellness economy to grow. In the past year, due to the closure of gyms and fitness facilities, consumers tried to adapt by purchasing products and services that promise to boost their well-being at home.

It is not a bad time for entrepreneurs to enter the market and sell their own wellness products and services.

Selling Self-Care

People who are stressed need to prioritize and take care of their well-being. The term self-care is often mistaken as synonymous with self-indulgence but, in reality, it is an idea in which a person can pause and take necessary steps toward addressing one’s physical and emotional needs.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can create a business selling self-care products such as linen sprays and scented candles. You can buy wholesale fragrance oils for candles or essential oils for linen sprays online. There are many products that can be categorized as self-care and are in high demand across the world.

Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Massage is also a profitable field. Because of stress and pain from being sedentary for far too long, many people are seeking massage therapists to offer relief. A massage can release muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and relax the body and the mind.

Those who want to become a massage therapist will need to acquire the necessary licenses and permits. After that, they can decide to open their own home for sessions or visit a client in their respective homes to provide the service. In addition, to be able to start working as a massage therapist, specialized equipment such as a massage table and oils will be needed.

Food Services

Nutrition is an important part of wellness. Many people want to start eating a balanced diet, but not everyone has the time to prepare a nutritious meal every single day.

Those who have knowledge in nutrition and enjoy cooking are renting out their expertise. Some are preparing ready-to-cook/eat meal boxes that can be delivered to the client’s front door. Others are working as a personal chef who enters and prepares meals inside the client’s kitchen.

There are many options for people who know food.

Health Coaching

Even before the pandemic, there has been an increased interest in improving physical health among the public. The rising rate of obesity as well as the dozens of illnesses it can cause has made more people want to be as fit and strong as possible.

That is why, in addition to nutrition, more people are seeking guidance from a health coach. Coaches can design a fitness and nutrition plan to address the specific needs and concerns of their clients. After all, health is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. People have different lifestyles and, therefore, varying requirements. Some need more exercise because they are sedentary at work, but while others get ample physical activity, their specific diets are not giving them sufficient vitamins and minerals.

The goal of a coach is to create a plan and help their clients reach their fitness goals.

The heightened levels of stress that many Australians and other people around the world experience because of work and the pandemic are causing the wellness market to further grow. There is still a place for entrepreneurs who want to enter the wellness market to survive and eventually succeed as long as they offer services that people want and need.

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