What You Need to Do to Start a Tree Service Business

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  • Develop a detailed business plan outlining objectives, target market, services, finances, and marketing strategies.
  • Obtain necessary licenses and certifications to operate legally.
  • Invest in high-quality equipment and tools such as ropes, wire slings, chainsaws, and grinders.
  • Hire qualified and trained staff with specialized knowledge in tree care services.
  • Market your business effectively through various channels and consider building a referral program or networking with other companies.

Running your own tree service business can offer you limitless potential for growth and success. With the increasing demand for tree care services, this industry has become an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to explore the great outdoors and earn a decent income at the same time.

Whether you have years of experience as an arborist or just starting in the industry, creating a tree service business requires extensive knowledge, strategy, and careful planning. This blog post will explore what it takes to set up a tree service business and provide insights on how to make your venture thrive.

Develop a Business Plan

First and foremost, you need a well-crafted business plan to outline your business objectives, target market, services offered, financial projections, and marketing strategies. Developing a detailed business plan will help you identify your competitive advantage, minimize risks, and obtain funding from investors if needed. However, it’s essential to keep your plans flexible to adapt to changes in the market and the demand for your services.

Obtain Licenses and Certifications

Most states require a license to operate a tree service business. Each state has licensing requirements, such as proof of insurance, liability coverage, and arborist certification. Additionally, it would be best if you had a solid understanding of OSHA regulations and other safety guidelines to avoid accidents and liability claims.

Invest in Equipment and Tools

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A tree service business requires extensive equipment and tools to provide various services. Some of the essential equipment you will need include:


As a tree care professional, you must reach the top of the trees safely and securely. The rope is not only crucial for climbing trees but also for lowering branches safely without causing damage to the surrounding area.

Investing in high-quality ropes ensures that you won’t compromise on safety and that your clients’ properties will remain protected. Durable ropes are an essential investment for your tree care business.

Wire slings

Another essential tool for tree care professionals is wire slings. These lift and move heavy branches or logs from the ground. As such, it would be wiser to learn the various wire sling styles and configurations to ensure you have the right equipment for the job.

Wire slings come in different sizes and materials, such as steel or synthetic fiber, and understanding their uses can help you provide efficient and effective services to your clients.


Chainsaws are necessary for cutting down trees and removing branches and limbs. Investing in a quality chainsaw ensures that you can work efficiently and safely. A high-quality chainsaw is powerful, lightweight, and easy to handle. It also minimizes the effort required for cutting, making your work less stressful.


Stumps often remain after a tree is cut, which can be unsightly and dangerous. Stump grinding provides a safe and efficient way to eliminate the stumps. Investing in a high-quality stump grinder ensures you can complete the job safely, quickly, and without causing damage to surrounding structures. Stump grinding can be an additional revenue stream for your business, a crucial component of tree care.

Hire Qualified and Trained Staff


Your tree service business can only operate efficiently when you have a team of skilled, certified, and well-trained arborists and technicians. You need to recruit employees with specialized knowledge in tree care services, such as tree pruning, removal, and stump grinding, and good communication and customer service skills.

Offering ongoing training and development opportunities for your team can also help to keep them up-to-date with industry trends and safety procedures.

Market Your Business

Lastly, to grow your tree service business, you must market your services effectively to reach your target audience. Create a website, use social media platforms, and offer promotions and discounts to encourage people to try your services.

Consider building a referral program that rewards customers for referring new clients to your business. Networking with other local businesses or joining industry organizations can increase your business exposure and provide valuable connections and partnerships.

The Bottomline

Starting a tree service business can be an exciting and rewarding if you do your homework and put in the necessary effort. From developing a solid business plan, obtaining licenses and certifications, investing in equipment and tools, hiring trained staff, and marketing your services effectively, there are many aspects to consider.

By following these actionable steps, you can build a successful, sustainable business that positively impacts your community and the environment.

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