Start a Microbrewery Like a Pro with These Five Strategies

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A microbrewery business can be an exciting venture for all beer lovers who are willing to work hard, get dirty, and take risks. But it is important to remember that just because you have the funds and love for beer, you are already qualified to open your own brewery. A business is a business, and there is a risk of not making even. But if you are genuinely interested in opening a microbrewery, then you can consider the following tips from the pros to increase your chances of success.

Have a Well-thought-out Business Plan

A microbrewery needs more than just a catchy brand name, a business entity, the right licenses and permits, a business location where you can start brewing and a couple of employees to kick–start the brand. You will need more than just to stay compliant and know how to start brewing clean and tasty beers.

A solid business plan and years worth of projected financials is always a wise idea. It is worth investing early on legal services, consultancy services, and other business services to help you navigate complex tasks. These allow you to focus on your craft without putting equally important tasks.

Source Only the Highest-quality Ingredients Possible

Do you tend to sell your beers at the best price possible,? Then make it a point to deliver in terms of quality and taste. Only use the highest quality ingredients and treat the brewing process like magic.

When looking for suppliers, make sure to do your research diligently. For instance, you intend to sell flavorful beer that your customers will come to love, experiment with different herbs and spices. If you like various aroma, flavor, and depth, test different hops into your brew. Mosaic, chinook, and Galaxy hops are just a few examples of papery cones that allow you to play with your beer creations.

Find Talented Employees

Even if you know how to brew quality craft beer, you will still need to hire a few talented brewers to help you build the brand. Remember that there are now many craft breweries in the market. If you want to have an edge over other startups and already established companies, then you can use all the help you can get.

Find brewers with years of experience in the industry. It is crucial that you hire people who already know what they are doing instead of someone who is still learning on the job. It is true that to stay competitive, you will need to experiment and whip up new craft beer recipes. But if you let a master brewer be someone who has limited knowledge, then you can’t bring much value to your new business.

The same goes for hiring your other employees. Find someone passionate about craft beer. They should have an idea about the brewing process and answer the questions your customers will have. It would be a good idea if your employees are craft beer aficionados themselves.

Never Take Quality Assurance for Granted

Business owners know that quality insurance can make a difference in the product and services they sell. Still, many take this for granted thinking they can get away without repercussions. Remember that you want to do quality assurance for the sake of your business, employees, and your customers as well.

You can win in quality insurance by investing in the right materials and equipment. This is not just limited to your brewing, fermentation, cooling, and sanitizing machines, to name a few. Also take lab testing of every batch made into consideration since you are now in the Food and Beverage industry. It becomes a must that you take quality control seriously or risk ruining your newly built business reputation.

Market Your New Brewery to Locals

Pouring beer

Marketing your brand to local cosumers is a good way to gain your first customers. Make sure you ask for their feedback and to give the best possible service possible on their very first visit. This increases your chances of turning them into loyal brand advocates.

Also, it is important that you start planning for scalability the soonest time possible. This is especially crucial once your brand starts getting the attention of many craft beer patrons. The last thing you want is the failure to accommodate a sudden surge in demand. If you really make great beer and you are consistent in your marketing, you can start pitching your products to related businesses like pubs, local supermarkets, and even restaurants.

If you just love beer and the science behind it, then you can consider taking the plunge and start building your own brewery business. Find ways to be competitive and don’t hesitate to make friends in the industry. Invest in the right equipment, business location, and never ignore quality assurance. Hire the right people and market your brand hard.

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