Spring Break: Keeping Yourself Safe, Sane, and Out of Trouble

All students can’t wait for their spring break. This fun season marks the time when one can finally let loose and relax. You managed to get through all your responsibilities in school and earned your right for a break. Some have been planning how they will celebrate spring break months prior. But we all need to take extra precautions to keep ourselves safe from accidents, crimes, and diseases.

The coronavirus is our main health concern during these trying times. But we must not forget that our safety and sanity also matters. We don’t want to end up getting sick, breaking the law, or get caught in an avoidable accident during this glorious time.

Here are some ways you can keep your health, safety, and sanity on your next spring break.

Earn Your Right to Drive

Many students travel with friends to celebrate spring break. Some go on expensive flights. Others choose to drive long hours to reach their spring break destination.

Whether you plan on driving or will only be your friend’s passenger, it pays to get your own license. Earning your right to drive is always a good thing. In case your friend gets in trouble or is unable to drive, you can take charge and get yourself right where you need to be.

Take an online Florida DMV 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Test. You will need this before you can apply for a learner’s permit in Florida. With this online course, you can take this any time you want and learn everything every good driver needs to know.

Once you managed to get your license, make sure you drive responsibly. Always drive defensively and don’t trust other drivers on the road. Plan your trip, and consider investing in travel insurance.

Think About Your Health

Some people forget about their health because they are too excited about spring break. Don’t make the same mistakes as a few days of fun are never worth a hospital trip. For starters, get yourself checked by your attending physician. Check if you’re up-to-date with your vaccine before going and invest in one if needed.

According to news, it is possible that spring breakers brought about the pandemic outbreak. Young adults may have contributed to the spike of cases after their spring break earlier this year. Since many were not practicing social distancing, they are not wearing masks and are in large crowds.

Experts say the coronavirus is likely here to stay. This means social distancing rules may still plague your much-awaited spring break. By all means, choose to follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Say No to Trouble

Many young adults tend to run wild on spring break. But this usually means trying new things that can definitely get you in trouble. For your own and your loved one’s sanity, don’t do the following.

  • Drink or take drugs and drive
  • Try drugs/excessive drinking
  • Skip sunscreen
  • Forget to stay on your budget
  • Go without a buddy
  • Attempt to climb balconies
  • Take dare seriously
  • Draw too much attention to yourself
  • Flash your belongings
  • Hook up without protection
  • Skip your research about your destination and travel scams
  • Stay on the first or seventh floor and above of hotels
  • Share too much information both to strangers and social media

There are so many temptations during spring break. Alcohol, vices, wrong peers, and mindless decisions can drastically change your life forever. Keeping these don’ts in mind can help you keep you sane and avoid costly consequences.

Your health, sanity, and safety matter, be it spring break or not. There are many ways you can still have a great time without putting yourself or others at risk. Keep your guard up, trust your guts, and choose your battles well on your next spring break.

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