Some of the Best Ways to Immortalize Your Loved One’s Memory

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Saying goodbye to a loved one, be it a friend or family member, can be very tough. This, however, can somehow be made a bit easier when you celebrate the life of your loved one who has passed on.

The passing away of a family member or dear friend can be very tough. Memories would freely flow through your mind. There may even be instances when you feel you might have done enough when they were still alive. There are many ways of easing the grief, and one of them is immortalizing the memory of your loved one.

You can ask a laser cutter etcher to memorialize words for your deceased loved one on a granite tombstone. Doing the same to an urn is also a great way to immortalize your loved one’s memory. What are some of the other meaningful ways?

Having a Memorial Bench Made

One of the most meaningful ways of immortalizing the memory of a loved one is having a memorial bench made. This can be made of wood or granite and installed in a place where he or she used to frequent. There are companies today who are in the trade of making memorial benches. They also take care of the necessary permits in case you want it installed in a public place.

You can also have a dedication inscribed on the bench for your loved one and use their favorite quote. To make it more permanent and attractive, have the words inscribed with a CO2 laser engraving machine. In cases where public installation of private memorial benches is not allowed, you can always adopt a bench. This is possible, like in New York, where you can adopt a bench and have a memorial plaque installed.

Construct a Memorial Garden

You can create a memorial garden in your own home or acquire an extra burial plot for this purpose. If it is the latter option, it can be right next to the plot where your loved one is buried. You can have daffodil bulbs planted on the memorial garden and place a stainless steel plaque with laser-engraved inscription. The best thing about daffodils is the bulbs keep coming back every spring as if symbolizing life, death, and renewal. The stainless steel plaque serves to remind everyone that the garden is dedicated to the memory of someone who died.

Make the Tombstone into a Piece of Art

Special tombstone for a special person

You can also have the tombstone fashioned into a piece of art like those found on shrines. You can have it shaped like an abstract figure or include a small statue on it. Another idea would be to etch beautiful artworks on the tombstone’s face using a laser cutter etcher.

You can perhaps have it etched with trees, flowers, vines, or even the face of your loved one. Including some of his or her exemplary characters can also be etched on the granite tombstone using the laser machines. The best thing about these laser devices is they can incorporate even the smallest details.

There are many other ways of immortalizing a loved one. You can even plant a tree near the burial plot if space allows you to do so. You can also have a special granite frame created to display a piece of clothing of your loved one. All of these methods would help people remember all the good things he or she did while still alive.

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