Parenting Assistants: Smart Baby Monitors That Take the Stress out of Parenthood


The role of smart technology is increasingly becoming apparent in our daily lives. From smart vehicles, security systems, and kitchen appliances, these latest innovations have made life easier without spending too much energy and money. Tech companies are also becoming more creative when it comes to their inventions that even the task of taking care of a baby has a dedicated technology.

Having a baby in the house is not as easy as it sounds. As a parent, there are days when you can’t find time to rest or get a night of complete sleep. But thanks to technology, our favorite baby products have gotten more advanced and convenient. Even baby apparel such as knit hooded towels is filled with high-tech materials, making them more functional and completely safe for babies.

Today, smart baby products are becoming a parenting necessity. Although they are not as affordable as traditional baby gears, these smart products will minimize worries and alleviate issues related to parenthood. That being said, here are some life-changing parenting assistants to give you peace of mind.

Baby sleeping monitors

sleeping baby

Keeping a watchful eye on your baby takes the biggest part of parenthood. The invention of baby monitors made them a revolutionary device that made parenting less stressful. The first model of a baby monitor uses a sound amplifying system to transmit audio over a power line. As years passed, companies incorporate different features to transmit audio and visual signals, leading to the rise of modern baby monitors with video functionality.

One example is the Cocoon Cam Baby Monitor that comes with multiple features, such as night vision HD video, real-time breathing rate, and BPM (beats per minute) display. Their latest update includes a vision mode, a heat map that detects the baby’s movement and sends instant alerts if there are breathing changes. Other features include enhanced security and the ability to talk to the baby through the phone.

The baby monitor is very convenient for parents who want to check in on their baby from miles away. It lets you watch your baby with its clear HD video and zoom capability. You can also speak to the baby directly using the application with a built-in microphone and speaker.

Besides its monitoring features, the Cocoon Cam will send an instant alert if the baby is sleeping, crying, and waking up. It doesn’t come with wearables, so you can easily use the application to view your baby in real-time.

Another latest model is the life-saving device called Cubo Al Baby Monitor with an AI-powered face detection technology. The device alerts you if it detects a pillow or blanket is covering your baby’s nose or mouth or gets stuck after rolling over.

Baby feeding monitors


A hungry infant often makes the loudest noises. Forgetting the baby’s mealtime and the amount of milk they consumed is every parent’s biggest dilemma. The BlueSmart Technology Corporation solves this issue by developing a smart baby bottle sleeve that automatically records and monitors how much the baby ate.

The BlueSmart Mia2 Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor uses an embedded technology that takes the uncertainty out of feeding your baby. The monitor comes with an application and a sleeve that slides onto the baby bottle to monitor feedings, liquid volume, the milk’s temperature, and other essential data. Once the bottle reaches its desired feeding temperature, the indicator light will signal to feed the baby. Otherwise, a red blinking light will turn on if you’re holding the bottle wrong while feeding.

Aside from tracking baby feeding, the Mia2 will send a warning if the milk is no longer ideal for consumption. You can also use the application to track weight checks, diaper changes, solid feedings, sleep blocks, nursing sessions, and other milestones. You’ll find the data useful when submitting reports for your baby’s pediatrician.

Baby breathing monitors

Every parent knows the evening is the scariest time of the day. It’s the part when they’re unable to check their child every minute as they drift towards deep sleep. This is also especially difficult for parents with babies who sleep in a different room and cannot monitor them closely. Although incidents of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) have significantly declined since 1989, there are still thousands of deaths recorded every year.

This is where the Sense-U Breathing Movement Monitor comes in that alerts parents for breathing movements, overheating, stomach sleeping, and body temperature. It detects even the slightest breathing movement and sends audible alarms if there’s no breathing movement. The device comes with a built-thermometer that tracks the baby’s body condition and sends warning signals once it goes beyond the preset zones.

While high-tech baby gears are not a requirement of modern parenting, these smart baby products make a parent’s job easier. As technology becomes a staple part of our life, it’s important to welcome these latest developments to allow you to enjoy your life as a new parent and make parenting duties less of an ordeal.

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