Samsung Galaxy Fold: Should You Be Excited?

Smartphone in the dark

Smartphone in the dark

Gadget-savvy individuals were ecstatic to find out the Samsung would be releasing its Galaxy Fold this year. The device will be the first mobile phone with a foldable organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, eliminating the need for a backlight. In turn, the device is thinner and more efficient than a liquid crystal display (LCD). The OLED display provides high-quality images, as well.

Foldable phones, of course, are not new to many cell phone users. Before the advent of touch screens, flip phones of the early 2000s like the Motorola Razr were the coolest phones you could own. Consumers now are eager to learn more about this new generation of foldable phones.

The Future of Smartphones

Samsung describes the Galaxy Fold as “the biggest breakthrough since the mobile phone.” The device features an incredible 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, and it’s the largest Galaxy smartphone screen so far. The screen is made of a layered polymer material to attain slim flexibility.

Additionally, Samsung says the device naturally folds like a book. The hinge was constructed through an engineering marvel inspired by the accuracy of watch mechanics. Also, if you’re worried that you’ll suddenly close an app when you unfold the device, don’t fret. The displays of the Galaxy Fold work together seamlessly without interrupting your app experience.

Looks promising, right? But does the device deliver what it promises?

What Tech Experts Say

Gadget reviewers received a Samsung Galaxy Fold unit to review, and most were impressed when they finally got their hands on the device. A particular iFixit teardown, however, said the Samsung Galaxy Fold has a fragile display that might not survive constant folding and unfolding. Before long, it might be necessary to bring it to an android repair shop in West Valley City.

The review adds that the hinges of the Galaxy Fold have a gap that allows dirt and other particles to penetrate the folding mechanism and the screen. iFixit also warns users not to remove the protective layer because it can easily wreck the unit.

Other reviewers experienced the same problems when they used their Galaxy Fold. Despite that, iFixit eventually removed its teardown about the product to honor Samsung’s request.

Samsung is not new to this kind of negative publicity. A few years back, the company had two large-scale recalls for the Galaxy Note 7 due to a problematic battery. But the issues of both models are entirely different. Dealing with a faulty screen is far better than with an exploding battery.

Getting Your Hands on The Fold

2 women using smartphone in the subway station

Samsung was supposed to launch the Galaxy Fold with a retail price of nearly $2,000 on April 26, 2019. With the product’s negative reviews a week before its launching, however, Samsung decided to move this significant event to another date.

The smartphone company hasn’t confirmed when it’s going to be. But customers that pre-ordered the device received a confirmation email stating that the new shipping date will be June 13, two months after the original launching date.

A Forbes analysis suggests Samsung should cancel the Galaxy Fold and consider redesigning the device. The report recommends getting inspiration from Huawei Mate X design, which folds outward. Canceling the launch might save Samsung from another Galaxy Note 7 incident.

The Galaxy Fold is genuinely an exciting product—from its modern features to its revolutionary design. Before you spend a couple of thousands on it, however, learn more about the product, and it’s possible drawbacks, first. Samsung is now focusing on fixing the folding issues while other manufacturers are working on their foldable technology.


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