Running a Parenting Blog? Here’s How to Market It to Your Target Audience

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Do not ever make the mistake of marketing to your parents or grandparents. Today’s parents are savvier and tech crazy. Blogging was a relatively new concept a decade ago, but it has become so much more now. Parents, millennials, and Generation Z are making a ton of money from blogging—not to mention the deluge of celebrities, models, personalities, and influencers that proliferate social media today. It’s hard for any blogger to separate himself from the kind of competition you can find in the blogging industry. If you are marketing to parents and kids, the competition is even a notch higher.

You must understand that there is no one-size-fits-all technique for marketing to parents. Every parent is different. Some are working full-time while others are staying at home with their kids. Many are homeschooling their kids while others juggle between driving kids to school and running their own businesses. Some parents are conservative, while some are liberals. Others are finding their way into the crazy world of modern parenting.

Find Your Niche

Are you blogging about non-motherhood activities such as yoga, home design, crafts, fashion, and fitness? Remember that parents are not only defined by the time and activities they do with their kids. They are also individuals who pursue their interests outside of parenthood. The most successful blogs are those that find their niche. They don’t talk about generic stuff because your audience wouldn’t know what to do with you if you keep talking about everything. Successful parenting blogs focus on an aspect of the individual that can be tied to their being parents.

Don’t Forget the Kids

They are, first and foremost, parents, so don’t forget to talk about their kids. What is the kind of topics that parents want to read about their kids? The obvious answer is that you will never lack any idea on how to market to parents with infants, toddlers, adolescents, and teens. Some of the most successful parenting blogs are those that share kid-friendly meal ideas. This is something that all parents struggle against.

Thus, as much as you want to focus on the parents when you blog, don’t forget that the kids are always part and parcel of everything they do. If you are blogging about businesses that parents can run from their homes, talk about how they’re going to take care of the kids while they do business on the side. You have to make them feel that you know what they are struggling against every single day.


Share Personal Stories

Don’t expect your audience to trust your blog if you cannot share personal stories there. Make them feel that they are a part of the family by opening your doors to them. Are you also frustrated with your toddler, who is a picky eater? Then, let your audience know that. They shouldn’t be kept in the dark about your personal struggles with parenting. The blog has to be as authentic as possible because no parenting journey is perfect. If you try to make your blog perfect, you will isolate a huge chunk of your audience. Life isn’t perfect, so don’t pretend like yours is.

Reach Out Through Social Media

Your blog alone is not enough to make your readers loyal. You need to interact with them through social media. Blogs tend to be impersonal when readers don’t know who is behind the website. Social media humanizes brands such as blogs. You can create a profile of your blog, but introduce yourself and whoever is running the page. It is through social media that you can personalize your response to readers. Those with legitimate questions and inquiries about your product reviews should be able to reach out via Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to Suggestions

Blogging is not a one-way street, especially when you are targeting parents and kids. Take time to listen to other parents who may have good suggestions about what topic they want you to write about next. You will begin to notice your audience getting more assertive when they know they can voice their opinions about your blog. Valuing their suggestions and appreciating the time they took to reach out to you will turn them into your loyal readers. It’s a win-win situation.

Blogging is all about your audience. While there was a time when blogging was meant to share your opinions and experiences, this is part of the past now. Today, if you cannot identify who you target with your content, you will not make it in the blogging world. With competition as high as it has ever been, you need all the techniques on your side.

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