Running A Hotel? Here are 3 Components You Need to Focus On

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Travelers ponder on several factors when going on trips. One of these is the place they’ll have to stay in. In recent times, it appears to be the age of short-term rentals for travelers, given their quick rise to popularity.

As such, some people believe that running a hotel and resort business may be quite tricky with the problem that bed and breakfast (BnB) establishments pose. But the sudden rise to fame of BnBs doesn’t mean that hotels can’t be successful in the hospitality industry.

It is possible but difficult. To achieve such a feat, hoteliers should consider the prosperity of these three elements at all times.

The Look

People take to the Internet when they’re looking for any hotel in different parts of the country. One of the first things that potential guests will notice about the establishment, after the ratings, is the appearance. Appearance, in this case, doesn’t only apply to the structure itself, but the greenery that surrounds the area as well.

That is why hotels need to pay close attention to how their landscaping is handled regularly. They should consider the front of the hotel, its perimeter, and even the pool areas. If possible, the work of the hotel gardeners should be accompanied by businesses who are experts in commercial landscaping in Kingsport or other locations.

Hotels will significantly benefit from it since these businesses usually don’t only focus on landscape maintenance and improvement but tree care and landscape as well. Any cracks on the floor surfaces can be fixed, and trees that need trimming will be cared for.

The Service

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The lifeblood of any business in the hospitality industry is the customers and their satisfaction. This detail highlights the age-old adage “the customer is always right,” pinpointing the need for hotels to prioritize customer service above all else if they want to thrive.

It should be noted, however, that the popular statement about customers being always right isn’t precisely correct at all times. It also doesn’t mean that hotels have to bend to every whim that their guests may have. Instead, it entails delivering high-quality service that has been promised so that the guests have little to complain about on social media.

Should things go awry, employees should make a judgment call about the situation. Dr. Dennis Rosen, an expert on customer service and sales improvement, recommends training the staff to discern which guests are truthful about the problem. If a guest is honest, it’s the establishment’s responsibility to make them happy.

The Amenities

The final element to complete the hospitality industry trinity is the amenity. After the appearance, this is the component that draws the attention of potential guests. The facilities of any hotel also help them stand out from their steep competition.

Swimming pools, hotel restaurants, spa and fitness centers, and function halls – some amenities are commonly found in the hospitality industry. By this point, they have become a given when staying at hotels. A way businesses can elevate these is by combining them with unique services or “gimmicks.”

For example, not all hotels offer free breakfast, much less one that’s buffet style. That is why hotels that do so are regarded better than others, especially if the food is exquisite. When deciding upon how to make amenities stand out, it’s wise for hoteliers to consider how sustainable their options can be.

Attracting guests is important, but so is keeping the hotel afloat with smart business decisions.

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