Safe Spaces and Business: Protecting Your Workplace from COVID19

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COVID-19 has been draining for everyone in all aspects of life. It is emotionally, mentally, and at times physically tiring to deal with the virus. COVID-19 has changed the way we live in many unprecedented ways, challenging all of society. Communities, institutions, organizations, and businesses alike are all feeling the challenges of the pandemic.

With the arrival of vaccines through breakthroughs in medicine, we are now slowly gaining the protection we need from COVID-19. Even though vaccines are available, there should remain no room for complacency, especially in businesses and offices. Employers and employees must work together in keeping the workplace safe for everyone, especially if remote work isn’t a feasible option. From raising sanitary and cleaning standards to daily health reporting, these things help lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and keep it away from the workplace.

Limiting Shared Spaces

It’s best to limit sharing spaces inside the workplace when possible, especially since the virus is more transmissible in indoor settings. While social distancing does not eliminate the spread of COVID-19, it reduces its transmission by a staggering 65%. In the context of enclosed office spaces, that reduction makes social distancing an attractable COVID-19 prevention measure that doesn’t require any additional cost in implementation. All it needs to be a successful preventive measure is a collaborative effort to keep distance from everyone in the workplace. However, there remains the need to put on personal protective equipment and create barriers to stay safe.

Indoor Air Quality

Ensuring good indoor air quality is crucial in maintaining a safe workplace, especially since indoor air pollutants can provoke allergic reactions such as coughs and stuffy noses that are too similar to COVID-19 symptoms. It can be the cause for COVID-19 scares that are nothing more than typical allergic reactions.

You can prevent indoor air allergens in your workplace by adding air purifiers around the office. They help trap air pollutants in fine filters and blow out clean air. Having clean air reduces and eliminates allergic reactions, which can provoke COVID-19 doubts interfering with the smooth operation of the business.

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Improve Sanitation Efforts and Cleaning Methods

It’s the employer’s role to provide all the necessary sanitation tools for the employees. To keep the office sanitized, workers must also observe cleanliness as often as possible. It’s best to have sanitation stations equipped with disinfectants, tissue papers, and hand sanitizers for every room in the office and regularly stock them up. Additionally, make sure to enforce frequent handwashing and prevent people from touching their faces to prevent any possible spread of COVID-19. While masking up isn’t a requirement anymore, it still wouldn’t hurt keeping a mask on. It serves as protection for both you and the people around you.

In addition to personal hygiene and sanitation, ensure that disinfecting spaces, surfaces, and equipment daily are also part of your cleaning efforts. Through these actions, you can eliminate any bacteria or virus lingering around surfaces in the office at the end of each day.

Health Reports, Quarantine, and Testing

Make sure that everyone submits a health report of how they’re feeling on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy report submitted via email. It could be as simple as letting everyone in the office group chat know how you’re feeling every day. Having daily health reports makes it easier for everyone to navigate work each day. If anyone is feeling sick, let them stay home and work remotely. Preventing any form of illness from spreading in the office helps keep it safe for everybody else.

If the company can afford it, frequent testing can also help provide peace of mind for everyone in the office. It helps rule COVID-19 out of the workplace, making for a more productive workday by removing the fear of catching the virus. If someone’s test turns positive, do not panic and take the necessary steps recommended by local health guidelines.

Make sure that COVID-19 positive employees observe proper isolation and quarantine before going back to work. Get in touch with them and let them know that they won’t face COVID-19 alone. Giving COVID-19 positive individuals moral support and extending help can do wonders for their recovery.

While it shouldn’t be contested or argued about, try to ensure that everyone is on board with these new health implementations in the office. Explain why these changes are necessary and why their part in keeping the workplace safe is critical to the operations.

As tedious as the process could be, all these efforts are for the safety of everyone in the office. These preventive measures require everyone’s full cooperation, honesty, and support, which is why informing everyone beforehand will help make the changes go through smoothly.

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