Digital Marketing for Cleaning Business: How to Promote Your Cleaning Service in the Pandemic

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The pandemic has led many households and businesses to make cleanliness a top priority. Since the COVID-19 outbreak in March of last year, homeowners and property managers have robust cleaning and disinfecting measures in place. They have also gone as far as hiring cleaning service providers. The ultimate goal is to keep their residential or commercial space free of the novel coronavirus.

As such, the cleaning service industry has boomed during the pandemic. In fact, residential and commercial cleaning has become in demand amidst the global health crisis. If you’re running a cleaning business, you must be robust in your marketing approach. It’s best to reach out to as many clients as possible. Doing so isn’t only to boost your profit but to be of service to the communities.

That said, here’s how to promote your cleaning service during the pandemic:

1. Boost your local SEO

If you run a cleaning business, you probably have a business website. But it’s not enough to have one, whether you provide cleaning services, offer on-site dumpster rental, or sell cleaning supplies. Your goal is to ensure that people will find your business online.

To do so, you must boost your local search engine optimization (SEO). The initial step to take is to list your cleaning service in Google My Business. Be sure to provide your name, address, and phone number (NAP) details. That way, your local clients can find your business when searching online.

2. Have straightforward PPC advertising

If SEO doesn’t work wonders on your online visibility and website traffic, there’s another approach. That is to have a straightforward pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign.

PPC entails creating ads for your cleaning business and displaying them for web presence. However, you have to pay for every click you get from potential clients. You can post your search ads on Google, Facebook ads on social media, or sponsored ads on other websites.

3. Send promotional emails

Email marketing has long been proven effective in promoting a business. Many digital marketers won’t complete their marketing campaigns without involving the use of emails. They send emails to target clients or random people to promote their brands and sell their products or services.

For your cleaning business, you can resort to email marketing. If you can secure a list of household and business email addresses, you can send your target clients promotional emails. Let them know that you’re available and ready to serve them.

4. Create valuable content pieces

It’s essential to keep the public aware of what’s happening amidst the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, you must educate people on protecting themselves and cleaning their respective premises.

As a cleaning service provider, you can create valuable pieces of content for the benefit of your target clients. Be sure to consistently produce and publish these pieces on your website and social media channels. If you’ve established yourself as an industry thought leader, clients will put their trust and confidence in your cleaning business.

5. Engage with your clients through social media

As a cleaning service provider, you must harness the power of social media. As you may be aware by now, people don’t only use social media channels for personal purposes. They also utilize these digital channels for business, particularly for service promotion, customer engagement, and even business transactions.

That said, it’s best to create social media accounts for your cleaning business. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can display your ads and post valuable content. While at it, you can engage with your clients by answering their queries and addressing their concerns about cleanliness.

6. Educate your clients via blog posts

Speaking of content, it’s a good idea to create a blog for your cleaning business. For one, you’ll do this for your on-page SEO so that your target clients will find your content and patronize your business. But apart from this, you’ll be able to educate your readers about cleanliness through your blog posts.

That said, be sure to produce relevant blog posts consistently. Be sure to cover topics such as COVID-19, cleaning and disinfection, cleaning steps and measures, cleaning tools and supplies, and recommended cleaning products. While at it, don’t forget to share these on your social media channels.

The cleaning industry is indeed flourishing during the pandemic. For this reason, your cleaning business must ride the tide. To get more clients, be sure to consider some marketing tips discussed above. By following these crucial steps, you’ll be able to skyrocket your business profit. Ultimately, you’ll help your communities rise above the pandemic situations.

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