Office Pantry Design and Organisational Ideas to Try


One of the best ways to protect your employees’ mental well-being is by giving them a workplace they can be proud of and one that they will be excited to go to every day. A big part of that is giving them common areas where they can relax and enjoy some quiet, or maybe a cup of tea and some snacks. Aside from the lounge and reception area, your pantry can also be that place for them. Here are some trendy and efficient ways to design and organise your workplace’s pantry.

Make it modern

If your office is a bit on the older side, chances are it’s due for a modern upgrade. Why not start with the pantry? You instantly modernise this space by going for a sleeker and more clutter-free layout and design. You can do this by blending the cabinets with the walls, giving the space a “hidden storage” feel. Brands like Cabinets Online provide sleek and ultra-modern designs that can achieve this look. To make it look even more up-to-the-minute, consider incorporating a kitchen island, which can be both functional and stylish. Nothing gives a pantry or a kitchen a fresh upgrade more than a sleek island, and it will help create a seamless look in your workplace pantry, especially if your space has access to a lot of natural light.

Go minimalist

If you truly want you and your employees to feel relaxed while spending time in the pantry, go the minimalist route. The last thing you want is to overwhelm your office’s occupants with a huge amount of food, ingredients, instant coffee packets, and other unsightly items. Consider installing a unit with a small sink–it will help to act as additional storage, especially if you incorporate multiple shelves. To give the space a Scandinavian look, buy chairs with wood tones and stick to a neutral colour palette. Warm white with earthy tones is your best bet.

Choose an unexpected door

If you’re going for hidden storage, consider finding an offbeat or unconventional door. One of the things we often forget when designing pantries is the door, but you’d be surprised at how much it can make a difference in your space. If everything else in your office leans a bit safe or more conventional, consider choosing a barn-style sliding door for your pantry to give it a younger vibe.

Try a freestanding pantry unit

If your office space is on the smaller side and you can’t exactly dedicate an entire wall just for the cabinets, consider investing in a freestanding unit. It will also help save you plenty of money since you can opt to add one more unit instead of tearing down your old pantry and adding a new one. Adding a freestanding unit can be a smart choice if you’re avoiding re-doing your entire pantry.

Maximise the stairs

If there is a small closet underneath your office’s stairs, consider converting it into another pantry space. It’s a creative way to display various items like spices, and floating shelves can provide more storage, especially if they’re lined up in the direction of the stairs. It can be a simple but eclectic way to store your workplace’s food items, condiments, and other ingredients, especially if you don’t have a bigger pantry.

Explore modular furniture

Modular furniture is a smart way to transform your available spaces, and it can be incorporated into your pantry as well. You can go for islands that can be assembled and disassembled to be used in various locations in your pantry, and it can be a great way for your employees to find free places where they can relax and chill. Modular islands can also be used for storage, so they’re not just a big blob that serves no purpose other than just a table.

Use floating shelves


If you’re running out of space on the ground, look up. If there’s no longer room for wider shelves, you can always hang stuff on the walls or incorporate more floating shelves. If you don’t want to go the hidden storage route, invest in some stylish organisational items like rattan baskets, mason jars, and other types of glass jars. You can also add some vertical greenery by adding plants like ficus leaf, mixed fern, tropical sensation, and others.

Giving your employees spaces where they can breathe and relax is one of the best ways to boost their motivation and love for the job. Do it not just for them but also for you, and let this pantry be a space where you and your team can find some healing time throughout the day.

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