No Feels Allowed: 3 Positive Emotions That Can Ruin the Home Buying Process

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looking for a homeIt’s one of the age-old pieces of advice you’d hear from real estate experts: take feelings out of home buying. They say it’s not going to end well when you ride on an emotional roller coaster looking at houses — even granted you’re in the best, most positive of moods. You either get the property you’ve always wanted only with a drained wallet or buy something that you deeply regret later. Be very wary of these ‘good’ emotions derailing you from a successful home purchase:


Interestingly, people experience a wave of longing for a particular home even though they’ve stepped inside it just once. You’ve probably felt this yourself in one of your home searches, and there’s a good chance that it’s because space reminds you of a heartwarming memory. You feel drawn, for instance, at that house near the lake because it reminds you of the cool, lazy summer days you spent at your grandfather’s cabin when you were much younger. Or the house that has a cute, little balcony takes you back to that hotel you spent your honeymoon at. It’s nice to have that special connection with a new house. But that can also leave you blindsided to its red flags. Or you might try to justify the drawbacks, like the fact that it’s away from your office or the kids’ school, just so you can relish in the nostalgic feel. Later on, you will regret making an excuse for those drawbacks. So to avoid this, always evaluate the houses you see not based on ‘special connection,’ but your non-negotiables list.


When buyers aren’t looking back, they’re looking forward. They see that small space of a kitchen, and they already envision how they can reconfigure the layout, tear down walls, and make it pretty just like the rooms they see on television. They’re quick to think of the promising renovation work they can do with the house they’re getting. It’s good to dream on for your next home, to see the potential in it. But it’s also wise to know the pitfalls of being overly optimistic, especially when it concerns a lot of cash. Your best defense against wearing rose-colored glasses when you walk into homes is your budget. When you know that you can only afford this much house, it’s going to keep you grounded in reality when you’re tempted to go wild in your renovation dreams. If you haven’t drafted your budget yet, talk to financial experts and shop for home loans Provo, Utah lending agencies provide. From there, stick to your financial game plan.


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A lot of people say that they fell in love with their house at first sight. Later on, they would admit that they regret not shopping around or paying more than they can afford. That’s the trouble with letting your heart rule over your head. You essentially become impulsive in your decisions. At such a big purchase and long-term investment like a home, you can’t be hasty in your judgments and choices. To avoid this, prioritize looking at least three homes in your home search. After seeing each, dedicate time to weigh the features of the house against your checklist and budget. If it ticks off your essentials, that’s when you know it’s ‘the one.’

Take Emotions out of the Equation

Again, emotions, no matter how positive they are, can be detrimental to the home buying process. So, as much as possible, keep them out of your decisions. All the best in finding your next house!

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