Moving Ahead: Why Choose Electric and Hybrid Vehicles?

electric cars charging

General motors sparked the modern electric car revolution with its iconic GM EV1 in the 90s, but the concept only gained global recognition when Tesla released its first model in 2008.

Car manufacturers have found smart ways to produce these game-changing cars while keeping up with consumers’ rising demands, such as using automotive inventory management software. This system helps manufacturers manage the accuracy when ordering stock for their vehicles across several depots, ensuring they have the right items to meet the ever-increasing demands.

But what makes an electric or hybrid car so great? Besides allowing you to save the planet while driving responsibly, here are five more reasons why your next car should be electric or a hybrid.

Reduced Emissions

Emissions are chemicals found in a car’s exhaust gases that can be toxic to air quality, consisting of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. Traditional gas cars produce more emissions than electric or hybrid vehicles as these modern versions get energy from batteries running on electricity instead of mechanical gas-powered engines.

Because they’re powered using a battery, these cars don’t produce any harmful gases, allowing you to reduce environmental pollution. Besides reducing air pollution, reduced emissions also mean you have lower road taxes, saving you money.

It Saves You Money

Although electric or hybrid cars can be intimidating because of their high price tags up front, investing in them can cost you less in the long run. That’s because the maintenance expenses for these vehicles are cheaper than traditional gas-powered cars as they consist of fewer moving parts, meaning they don’t need regular car maintenance like servicing or oil checks.

Besides having low-cost maintenance, having electric cars save you from the burden of expensive gas prices. These modern cars have a high-efficiency rate, meaning they transfer more energy from their motors to the wheels than gas-power vehicles, allowing them to drive for long miles without worry, keeping the environment and your wallet happy.


You can charge electric and hybrid cars at home, meaning instead of driving to a gas station fill up your vehicle with petrol, you can charge your vehicle at home overnight and wake up to a ready-to-use car. This feature provides electric car owners with more time and convenience, allowing them to cruise with ease.

Longer Lifespan

Since electric cars have less moving parts than gas-powered vehicles, owners don’t have to worry about replacing damaged engine parts due to wear and tear, standard with traditional automobiles. This feature provides electric and hybrid cars with a longer lifespan, benefiting the owners and reducing the waste their car produces in useless spare parts.

High Resale Values

Electric and hybrid cars are technical, providing users with numerous benefits, so it’s no surprise that these cars’ resale values are higher since they have lower depreciation than a gas-powered automobile. For instance, popular models such as Chevrolet Bolt EV, Tesla Model 3, and Jaguar I-Pace that can cruise for over 200 miles at a time can maintain a more substantial three-year resale value. These types of cars can hold almost 50% or more of its initial cost after a year or two, giving you back your money’s worth when you decide to upgrade to a better car.

After many trials and errors, car manufacturers have found a way to mass-produce and market these revolutionary vehicles. Take advantage of this and switch to a modern electric or hybrid car, allowing you to drive responsibly and with style.

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