‘Money Date’ and More: How You Can Make Yourself Save More


Sometimes, saving money just seems impossible. How can you maintain an exciting lifestyle, pay rent, buy that new pair of jeans, make timely mortgage payments, and continue increasing your savings account balance, while your income isn’t increasing?

Before lumping your head into your hands, take a deep breath. Don’t switch to panic mode. Rather, analyse your spending habits. Learn why you spend and what you’ve been spending on. It also makes sense to seek an expert’s financial advice in Perth to make small changes in your monthly expenditure. This can help fatten your savings account and help you plan better financially. Follow these money-saving tips.

Change one of your habits and save

Change one of the things you do regularly and save money. No matter how minor the change is, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, cut down on junk food. This will not only save you money but also offer you health benefits. Other habitual changes that you can make include the following:

  • Prepare your lunch at home instead of buying from a nearby restaurant.
  • Borrow DVDs and books from the local library instead of buying your own.
  • Don’t use your credit card for two weeks or a month and pay for your purchases with cash.
  • Specify a limit for Christmas and birthday presents. You can also choose to give homemade gifts.

Schedule a weekly ‘money date’

Every week, sit down with your money for a serious ‘money date‘. This is the right time to check your budget, update it, review all your accounts, and track your progress towards achieving your savings goals and other financial targets. Like any other relationship, if you desire to see your financial life improve, you must spend some time analysing and knowing your money better.

Take advantage of online deals

online deal

Sure, it’s challenging to stick to your budget, particularly when you feel like you can never have fun. Therefore, it’s crucial to budget for entertainment costs, too. But, save on these costs by taking advantage of some of the online deals you can get via Living Social, Groupon, or Amazon Local.

The trick for such deals is only to purchase the ones that you intend to use and stop the moment you hit your limit for a month. Remember, you can score better deals nearly everything from massages to an expensive dinner for two. Be sure not to spend more than you should on these deals.

Track your money-saving progress

Most people still save a very small percentage of their income compared to what’s recommended. Set your savings goals and start your saving journey — one step at a time — and you will get to the recommended savings level. Be sure to track your progress to stay motivated.

You now know there are many ways to save money. Identify the money-saving tips that work for you, and gradually incorporate an effective strategy into your financial life. In the end, you will achieve your savings goals.

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