Fashion 101: Taking Branding to New Heights


Every well-known brand has a history. A garment brand that now dominates the fashion scene might well have begun as a small idea conducted out of the living room of a budding fashion designer.

While starting your original clothing line is a challenge, eCommerce and internet marketing can play a significant role in your progress. With the help of these channels, you could transform your brand to greater heights. What once started as a small online store can turn into a nationally recognized clothing line.

Starting Your Brand

Do you ever dream of building your fashion brand but have no idea where to begin? Are you having trouble finding what theme or genre your focus would be? Having an entrepreneur’s mindset to push and build your name from scratch is a recipe for a successful business.

Building your brand can be intimidating at first. Stop worrying and plan on how to spread the brand name across places successfully. Below are some elements of building your name.

Target Market

Starting your brand starts by picking on what your target population would be. Is it from the teenage groups, the middle age or the old age? Depending on these groups will also be the designs you would push through in your first collection pieces.

In the teenage groups, popular things would be shirts and jackets with big prints. Starting with printing your brand might be a hassle, depending on what construction materials you will use. You can rent design equipment such as heat presses, or you can invest in one. It can be costly at first, but it will surely pay off. These machines will make your job easier, especially if you plan to produce on a large scale.


Deciding on what logo to represent your brand can be tricky to pull off. The logo should be readable yet distinct from other brands. It should not be complicated and should be noticeable even when afar.

Every brand logo should not overpower the design of the statement piece. Remember that all your pieces will cater to the same symbol. It would be best to spend enough time brainstorming before you decide what logo to stick into.


Finding a reputable supplier of raw materials should be taken into account as well. Going for cheap, low-quality material is a significant factor and might lead to a major disaster. Try to find suitable quality materials at a bargain price and have trial pieces to see if the goods are up to standards. It will all depend on your satisfaction and the review of your buyers.


Like most businesses, location matters. If you want to gain enough attention from the public, your physical store should have adequate foot traffic. Also, you need to take into account the rent cost. This factor will dictate your profit and is essential when computing the prices of your pieces.

Some entrepreneurs today opt to begin with eCommerce. Building a name online through an online market before building a physical store is a less risky way to introduce yourself in the market. The location also dictates what type of population will be interested in your pieces.


Collectively, the price will depend on the target population and the cost of production. The profit will be dependent on what expenses you put your pieces onto. People tend to choose products that offer good deals, specifically discounts.

But, entrepreneurs should be careful of having too many discounts all the time. This strategy might end up people lining up only for promos. More so, your prices should also be reasonable with the competition. Depending on your location, the government collaborates with the trade industry to enforce price ceilings, which dictates standard costs for a product. Entrepreneurs should follow according to the maximum amount allowed.


Every business has its competition. This factor is your driving for in formulating a better business and marketing strategy. Aside from discounts and promotions, you need to improve the quality of your clothes.

There are good and bad consequences of having competitors. And, of course, there will always be a winner and a loser. If you are on the losing side, it can be an ugly experience. You might wind up dealing on the verge of bankruptcy and eventually lose your business. So, being strategic to make a comeback after a setback is an important value that you must take with you.

Wrapping Up

Everyone is trying their best to attain their goals. With enough hard work and perseverance, we can work our way towards success. More so, family or friends you trust when times get rough will help you pursue your dreams. In building your brand, many unexpected things will happen. Good or bad, it will all be part of the process.

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