Interesting Obligations of Citizens to the Law

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As a citizen of the country, you have duties and obligations that you have to fulfill. One of these is paying your taxes. They exist so you can provide financial help to the government. That will go a long way because the money will be used for many of the government’s projects and subsidies. There are also rules and regulations that you have to follow. These are implemented to maintain orderliness. An example you see everywhere are the traffic rules. You are required to learn the various signals and signs you see on the streets before you even qualify to drive. Without these regulations, there would be chaos on the road. ;

There will also come a time when you will be the intended recipient of the process service. This is where an authorized person sends you are served a legal document where you are requested to respond or appear in court. This basically is the law asking you for assistance to get the wheels of justice moving.

Jury Duty

There will come a time when you will be invited as a jury member. This is where you get asked to join a group that will be responsible for the fate of a defendant. The case will be studied and you will talk with your fellow jury members about it. This will then be the main basis of how you go about making a decision.

When you receive a request to be a part of jury duty, you might be wondering about your daily tasks and responsibilities like work. But don’t you worry, the state will take care of your expenses while you are out on jury duty.


When you receive a subpoena, do not be afraid of it. It just means that you are being asked to help out on a case. For example, you could have been at the right place at the right time when a crime happened, and the court will ask you for information that might help with moving the case forward.

Think of responding to a subpoena as assisting the law into bringing justice to the people who deserve it. It is your duty to respond to this, but you can talk to the authorities if you have apprehensions or concerns about it. They will gladly assist you with your needs.


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Unlike a subpoena, getting a summons may be a serious concern for its recipient. If you get one, it means that you are being sued. But the good thing is, you will be given the chance to defend yourself. Responding to this is a sign of respect for the court’s processes. You should contact an attorney for assistance and to prepare to present your side.

Everyone is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. This is a chance to prove that the allegations are wrong. This would be the time in which the accused needs to gather all the pieces of evidence that will help disprove them.

The law exists to protect the rights of everyone. It needs the cooperation of the citizens for it to work properly. Whenever you are asked to appear in court one way or another, it is your duty to heed that call.

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