In-demand Skills in the Midst of a Pandemic

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The spread of the coronavirus did not just take away thousands of lives. It also reduced the income of people around the globe. The struggle gets hard day after day. Things might be looking grim at the moment, but the time we have on our hands right now can be a blessing in disguise. We can use this opportunity to learn new skills that will help us survive in a world wrapped by a pandemic.

Digital Skills

Right now, almost all business and even education are being conducted over the internet. People are relying on their gadgets more and more because of the lack of physical interaction. If you are looking for a skill that will continue to be in demand, you can begin learning digital skills. Having this added to your CV will instantly boost your application.

Generally speaking, digital skills refer to the familiarity and use of digital devices, applications used to communicate, and networks that can simultaneously access and manage tons of information. Though digital skills are further subdivided into many aspects, it is mainly outlined by these six components:

  • Digital Foundation Skills – the basics of being able to use a browser to surf the world wide web, to connect to the internet via a wired and wireless connection, and to be able to keep your connection secure.
  • Communicating – send messages via email, use attachments like photos and documents, and participation in social media
  • Handling content and information – the use of search engines such as Google. Being able to determine which sources and articles are legitimate and accessing content from different devices
  • Transacting – setting up an account/s to be able to make a purchase and payment online. Filling in legal documents online
  • Problem Solving – using the internet to search and cross-check facts that will offer a solution and presenting these answers through a software
  • Being legal and safe online – being familiar with the practice of safe data storage and sharing. Keeping and updating the firewall to prevent malware and viruses as well as using a secure password


Also related to digital skills, there is now a demand for heightened cybersecurity because many criminals lurking on the internet are becoming more sophisticated. Many are now easy targets because we spend most of our day and time in front of our devices. If your business or personal information has a data breach, criminals can gain unlimited access to your personal and financial information.

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Having a background as an IT professional will give you the edge since you are already aware of the fundamentals such as coding, networks, database, and configuring and administering systems. Though cybersecurity encompasses many aspects, you can always start by focusing on career paths like:

  • Web developer – web security and security software developer
  • Exchange administrator – email security
  • Network administrator – forensics and network security
  • System administrator – forensics and security administrator

Emergency Response Skills

Now more than ever, we live in a world where anything bad can happen at any time. If you feel like you have a passion for helping other people, you can begin learning emergency response skills and look for a job as a first responder.

You do not have to go to a medical school or police academy to be part of an emergency response team. Nowadays, many private institutions offer lessons for those who want to learn medically. You can also be a part of security by enrolling in active shooter response training. These courses will give you skills that will enable you to handle and manage disasters and emergencies.

Emotional Intelligence

Even the strongest person will crack because of all the bad things happening to us since last year. Business leaders, as well as management and operations teams, are feeling the toll of this pandemic. Many are now experiencing depression, sadness, anger, and anxiety. If not addressed early, these symptoms can lead to serious mental illness.

Having the capacity to empathize during these hard times is an important life skill. Not everyone can feel for other people; that’s why emotional intelligence is, at times, hard to find. Nowadays, emotional intelligence makes up around 60% of an employee’s job performance. This means that many companies are looking for applicants that possess this skill.

If you have lost your job because of the pandemic, know that there are still many possibilities out there. You can use the time you have right now to improve yourself or learn new skills that will enable you to bounce back successfully.

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