How to Help Your Child Socialize in Three Ways

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Learning how to build relationships starts at a young age. However, learning such skills depends on a child’s social competence and emotional well-being, as well as the ability to regulate one’s self matters. And these are the things that adults can help them learn.

For example, many children who feel shy often have challenges making friends. If the adults surrounding them set an example of how to respond, it’ll provide them with an easy opportunity to interact with other people. Thus, helping them create essential social connections.

Similarly, children who have challenges with impulse control can benefit from it, too. They find it easier to connect to others if adults help them build their self-regulation skills. So, here are a couple of ways to help develop your child’s socialization skills.


Kids naturally have a vast imagination, especially during their toddler years. So, why not use it to your advantage by doing a role play with them. You and your child can act out a few common scenarios they encounter daily. You can even use their favorite toys or do them with your kid.

Have your kid pretend that she’s walking into a classroom. Then, ask her what she’d do and what she would say. You can switch the role afterward. You can pretend that you’re one of her shy classmates and let her pretend to play the grownup role. Observe what she’ll do in those situations. It’ll give you some insight into why your child is acting odd when she’s with other kids.

Tell your experience

Everyone had an experience in their lives where they have felt bashful about themselves. If you ever had that experience, then now is the best time to share it with your child.

Whether it’s your first day speaking in front of an audience or the first time you played on your local football team, showing empathy will help your child understand that their shyness is normal.

Try to talk to your child and make her feel that she isn’t alone and that you’ve experienced it, too. Doing so will make it easier for her to open up about her feelings. While she might find it challenging to express herself, encouraging her to open up through your actions will help address the issue’s root cause.

Never call her shy

daycare concept

Enrolling in a new daycare center can┬ábe a big change for your child. So, it’s only average for your child to feel shy as she tries to adjust to her new setting. Labeling her as such would only make her think that something is wrong with her reaction. Instead of making her feel negative about herself, you should try to let her believe that her emotions are valid and encourage her to open up about it.

Every child experiences all kinds of growth during their preschool years. That’s why you must always be there for them as they go through each developmental stage.

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