How to Enter a Law Firm without a Law Degree

Working at a law firm

There are a lot of reasons for you the change your career to law. A realization, an unsatisfying workplace, and a lifelong dream are only some of the things that could urge you to take a shot at becoming a lawyer. However, there might not be enough time for you. Going back to school for a master’s degree in law might set you back financially and mentally, especially if you are already at an independent phase. Some universities might also require you to get a law-related bachelor’s degree before they accept you. If you feel determined to accomplish your dream to become a lawyer, you must get the education you need. However, here are some of your options if you want to work for a law firm without a law degree.

Become a Paralegal

If you do not have the money to pay for law school, you should consider getting a job as a paralegal. The job position allows you to experience the atmosphere of a law firm and watch lawyers in their work. You will be able to develop connections with licensed attorneys who can share tips and advice for your career change. Becoming a paralegal involves doing administrative and secretarial tasks. You will be helping the lawyers prepare for their cases, but you will not be able to get in on the action. However, you must remember that the job has legal qualifications. Fortunately, you do not have to go to law school to land the job. You can take paralegal courses online to help you prepare for your tasks in the law firm. The job post pays well, which can help you pay for your tuition in law school.

Seek a Mentor

Mentor talking to his subordinateLaw firms are trying to be more open to aspiring lawyers who do not have law degrees. One of the options available is becoming an apprentice for an experienced lawyer. You will be able to get hands-on experience with some cases. However, you will not be directly involved in the preparation and planning. You will be able to jot down notes and do some of the work for an upcoming trial. However, you must have a good academic record to qualify as an apprentice. If you are lucky, your mentor might recommend you for the law firm’s law conversion course program, which will bring you one step closer to your dream.

Apply for Legal Training

You will not enter a law firm without doing some self-study years ahead. If you are feeling confident about your knowledge, you will need a legal firm to give you a chance to practice. Fortunately, law firms allow people like you to sign training contracts. The contract might be more inclined to accommodate those with law degrees, but you will have a chance to practice law should you qualify. You will be working as a solicitor, which is close to what most law graduates start within their careers. You should do your best to impress to help you get your ideal job. If the law firm likes your performance, you might receive a law school scholarship and an assured job post.

You will experience a lot of rough nights if you are considering a career change to law practice. However, you will be able to achieve your dream if you study and work hard for the job. You might lack the law degree you need, but you can do your best to impress.

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