Clear-Cut Signs You Need to Hire an External Marketing Team

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There are multiple benefits to outsourcing your business’s marketing. It will allow you and your team to focus on what you do best while leaving marketing to the experts, it will provide more breathing room for your in-house employees who used to do the marketing (especially if it wasn’t their forte), and you can be sure that you will get the most bang for your buck.

But it’s also understandable why so many businesses are hesitant to hire external help, especially if they’re starting or those who are on the smaller side. But if you truly want your business to grow, now may be a good time to reconsider, especially since the world may see a return to normal soon—and the businesses that are quickest to adjust to the new world might see themselves on top.

If you have been doing all your marketing in-house and you’re wondering when it’s time to outsource some help, here are some clear-cut signs you need to start looking for a marketing team to hire.

Your marketing is expanding.

If your market is growing, it means that your business’s sales are also increasing. While this is always a good thing, it also means that there is so much more work to be done in terms of catering to your audience. You will need to fulfill a larger number of orders in an efficient and timely manner, which means more work and stress for your staff. Outsourcing your marketing will help your in-house staff focus on more administrative tasks without having to worry about the marketing side.

If your audience is also growing, now may be a good time to implement a target segmentation strategy, which will help your business categorize your current audience so that you can target a specific market. A team of marketing specialists can help you meet your goals and create maximum impact.

You want to cut down on unnecessary costs.

It may seem counterintuitive because outsourcing a marketing team implies additional costs, but hear me out: It’s more expensive to hire full-time employees than to outsource specific services. A full-time in-house employee has to be afforded monthly salaries and other benefits as required by the law, but a third-party agency only requires that you pay for the services you are requesting.

At the same time, taking a DIY approach to your business’s marketing strategy might cost you more if you make a mistake. A simple taboo can cost you so much more than anything else you might have to spend on an external agency, making it so much more cost-efficient and safer to leave the marketing to the professionals, especially if your business is trying to cut back on costs.

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Your business is suddenly plateauing.

If the pandemic slowed down your business, or if you have not experienced any significant growth for a while, take that as a sign that there is something not quite working with your business’s operations. Here are some examples of problems that might be contributing to your business plateauing:

  • You are focusing too much on one aspect of the business at the expense of everything else. You might be too focused on fulfilling so many orders at once that you and your team no longer have time for quality control, customer service, or social media marketing.
  • You are implementing strategies that no longer work. Our world is completely different from the one we had in 2019, and our business needs to find ways to get with the times or be left behind.
  • Your business might be blending in too much with the competition, and nothing about your messaging or branding is standing out.

Hiring a team of marketing professionals can help solve all of these problems and more. It will help lessen the workload for you and your employees, giving you the time and energy to focus on your core responsibilities.

You’re having a hard time keeping up with trends.

The world of business is always changing and is extremely dynamic, especially at a time when almost everyone shops through their phone. Technology and business are forever intertwined, which means business owners need to stay up-to-the-minute with trends if they want to survive and thrive. If you’re having a hard time keeping up with trends, marketing experts can help ride the waves of change for your business.

Outsourcing your marketing will provide multiple benefits to your company, no matter how small it is. Be strategic about the team that you partner with, and let them help you take your business to greater heights.

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