Here are Ways to Write SEO-Friendly Content to Boost Ranking



Content has always been vital to the success of websites; search engines rank pages with top quality articles, photos and videos because of the value they provide users. A content-based approach will always give you an advantage when creating and implementing online marketing campaigns.

However, you cannot just publish whatever you want; you will need SEO-friendly posts to achieve company objectives. Experts from an SEO firm here in Sydney cite the following techniques to publish SEO-friendly content.

Look into Google’s Related Search Results

Google has gone through millions of queries made by users looking for the most obscure or general of things. The search engine knows what to display when a person makes a query. After inputting the types of products or services you offer, review the recommended and related results.

This is to get insights about the intent and behaviour of your target market. The related search results also provide you with ideas about which keywords to use for upcoming campaigns. This allows you to customise your marketing strategy based on the intention of your target customers.

Autocomplete Can Help

Other than using related search for insights, Google’s autocomplete function can also do the same. This feature allows you to make an educated guess about the intention of a user. The options that appear when you input keywords are gold mines for future content.

Use these to create long-form articles, videos or images that will attract the right type of visitor that is likely to convert.

Diversified Posts


Some visitors prefer reading content that is almost 2,000 words long, while others would rather watch how-to videos. Your approach to publishing content should be as diverse as possible. Create articles that display your expertise and experience about a topic that is relevant to your audience.

Vlogs provide you with an avenue to show another side of your company. This allows you to show behind-the-scenes personalities and processes that may endear your visitors. Use images for easy to digest and share content through various social media channels.

The combinations are plenty and you have several options.

Find the Balance between Authority and Originality

It is important to display the authority of your brand to current and potential customers. This legitimises your posts and boosts your ranking. However, you also need to display originality. Becoming original does not happen overnight.

You will need to have your own insights and build on the topics and publications of experts in your niche. Linking to relevant content and topics within your post also helps your link building strategy.

The Actual Content

The content you publish must follow a structure that is easy to follow and understand. It starts with an attention-grabbing title that will make a user click and read. The first few sentences will also determine if a person will continue browsing or close the tab and look elsewhere.

Structure the post in a way that flows from one idea to the next before you make a conclusion or have a call-to-action.

These are some of the ideas you can use to create SEO-friendly content that drives traffic and converts visitors. Try these to determine which strategy works for your intended audience.

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