Healthy is the New Way to Eat

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After years of progressively unhealthy choices, Americans are slowly eating a bit healthier. Whether due to awareness, fear of obesity, or social and cultural changes — people are finally opting for healthier food choices.

More Conscientious Diets

They veer away from unhealthy foods has been a long time coming. Americans are finally shifting their diets towards high-quality carbohydrates, plant proteins, and foods that are composed of unsaturated fats. There is also a drop in the consumption of processed foods with added sugars. More people are opting to buy their foods fresh from the grocery and cook at home — instead of relying on microwavable/TV dinners for their meals.

There is also an increase in the consumption of fish and other seafood and a decrease in the consumption of red meat — that contains high amounts of saturated fats. Most Americans are now aware of the dangers of obesity, and most have taken steps to lose weight for various reasons. The swerve to healthier eating is largely brought about by the younger generations, as people over 50 saw very little change in their diets.

The Dangers of Unhealthy Eating

junk foodsYears of unhealthy eating have taken a toll on the American population. Obesity rates in the U.S. have passed 40 percent in 2018, making the nation one of the unhealthiest in the world. The CDC estimates that obesity-related medical care costs across the nation have surpassed $150 billion — not to mention the lives lost through various diseases associated with obesity. Heart disease has been closely associated with obesity and carrying extra weight on your body also makes it more vulnerable to certain types of cancers. Obesity also has significant impacts on mobility as one gets older.

Constant stress on the joints, musculature, and skeletal structure due to added weight can leave you unable to move normally — requiring the use of wheelchairs, canes or similar walking tools, or some other mobility device. 1-in-10 Americans also suffer from diabetes and almost 1-in-3 are in the early stage of developing the condition. Constant medication for conditions associated with obesity has also given rise to kidney problems. A healthy diet is vital in avoiding all these medical conditions as well as maintaining your quality of life.

Taking Advantage of the Shift

The demand for healthy foods is increasing and it is a long way from reaching its peak. Opportunities are opening up for businesses in-line with the healthier eating habits of the nation and entrepreneurs are taking notice. Get a piece of the cake by setting up a business that offers healthier options like prepacked meals or do a bit of farming and supply fresh vegetables to your local grocery. Partner up with an existing brand and get your own vegan grocer or gain access to the best smoothie franchise opportunities. You’ll be helping your community become healthier while providing for a dedicated niche market that is willing to pay premium prices.

America’s shift to healthier eating is good news for everyone. People will enjoy healthier lives and opportunities will open up for entrepreneurs that seek to provide healthier options.

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