Understanding Growth-Driven Design and Its Benefits

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Since technology keeps moving at breakneck speed, so will consumer behavior and sentiments. Businesses have to keep up if they want to keep the audience they have and to engage and invite people into their brand. The modern marketing landscape is a war for the attention of an easily distracted generation of consumers, and if brands don’t keep up, they will be left behind.

Traditional design just won’t cut it in today’s digital landscape. Here is everything you need to know about the growth-driven design strategy, why your business’s marketing model needs it, and why you need to partner with a reputable web development firm that employs this strategy.

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-driven web design is simply a strategy for creating websites that significantly decreases security risks, enhances the general performance of the site, and eliminates frustration and anxiety that are often related to bad design. Here are some risks associated with traditional design:

  • Traditionally designed websites usually cost more. Brands are often required to pay for everything upfront, without the assurance of maintenance or being effective at increasing leads and traffic.
  • This type of design takes longer to be developed.
  • The usability and function are not as up-to-the-minute, so users might experience poor navigation and minimal optimization.

Here are the benefits of growth-driven design:

It always seeks to learn and improve

Unlike more traditionally designed websites, growth-driven design is laser-focused on always improving through making incremental changes over time. And these are not changes made just based on a hunch: Developers make improvements based on evidence-backed data and clear user feedback, and these changes take place as long as the need emerges.

Instead of doing comprehensive or general improvements or redesigns every two years or so, as traditional web design does, the growth-driven design strategy uses multiple phases and frequent redesigns over a year.

There is a clear long-term strategy

Unlike a one-and-done partnership with a more traditional design firm, opting for growth-driven design will help your brand employ a long-term strategy that was established through a thorough analysis of your consumer base, a clear list of business goals, and the identification of the threats and challenges that may come. Before the site is even constructed, the team is already well-versed on your brand’s aims and objectives, which removes the need for inefficient and time-consuming revaluations later on. Growth-driven design is so much more time-efficient and is a better use of financial resources.

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It takes less time to launch

The incredible thing about growth-driven design is that even though it is more thorough in its pre-planning and foundation stage, it takes much less time to launch. Since the team prioritizes getting a launchpad site out there into the world, with only the more essential functions employed, your brand can already have a new site up and running, collecting and analyzing data, faster than a website that is built through traditional means.

And a faster launch time means that your brand will also be quicker to get its hands on information about your consumers and how they feel about the site. You would have information about how they are interacting with the platform, and what improvements you need to make to improve the launchpad site. The growth-driven design strategy allows brands to immediately optimize the launchpad site and to find data that would help them enhance and improve to provide consumers with a better user experience.

User experience is prioritized

Speaking of user experience and gathering helpful data to help make consumers’ stay better, the growth-driven design strategy also helps your brand make your clients happier since you would have the resources needed to design the site according to their needs and preferences. It would make the website more capable to draw in new leads and, in turn, increase revenue and sales.

A fruitful partnership with designers and developers

Because you would be working closely together for a longer period, this designs strategy would also help you build fruitful and meaningful partnerships with web designers and developers. You would learn from their expertise because they wouldn’t just hand over the website to you once it’s done, unlike in traditional web design. There would also be excellent communication as they help you fix bugs and address issues that may arise.

It’s time to embrace new tech tools that will help your brand get ahead of the competition. Choose a growth-driven design strategy to give your customers want they want and need, and to give your company a fighting chance. Consult with specialists to get a clearer picture of what it can offer your brand.

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