Gray But Not Dull: How The Elderly Can Stay Happy

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The global pandemic has gotten many of us hustling even harder to maintain our financial stability. While you are busy earning your daily wage, how are your grandparents?

The older generation is more prone to getting the virus, so they tend to need more care. The younger generation needs the patience to properly explain the gravity of the situation to them so that they can also implement the proper safety protocols. Some seniors might also be prone to feeling isolated, so they need adequate attention during this time.

As we deal with the global health crisis in 2021, what can you do as a tight-knit family to keep the grandparents happy?

When Grandma and Grandpa Aren’t at Home

Even before the pandemic struck, there were times when you couldn’t balance taking care of the elderly while you worked every day. This is why there are nursing homes to help you get through with this loving responsibility.

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If your loved ones reside in nursing homes, the start of the pandemic might have been a difficult adjustment for the whole family, given that there have been strict visiting protocols, even for immediate family members.

What can you do with elderly relatives during the pandemic as you practice social distancing measures?

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Happy Elderly Loved Ones Despite The Pandemic

When dealing with the pandemic and elderly relatives, you have to be honest with your loved ones about how and why you need to maintain your distance during this time. This is to avoid miscommunication and unnecessary friction between family members during this difficult time. So what can you do to entertain and show your love to the elderly despite the distance?

Utilize technology. If your loved ones reside in a nursing home, the chances are high that they will be assisted by someone else in operating a device such as a smartphone, so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call or video chat with them to let them know what you have been up to during your quarantined lives. They will be more than happy to talk to you even through the phone.

Video calls don’t necessarily have to be purely chitchat, though. You can also show family photos they might have forgotten about, or you can do games and crafts together via virtual means.

As much as possible, send them pictures of what you and your family have been up to so that your loved ones won’t feel like they are missing out on much, even when you have been apart for so long.

There might be other options available for you and your family. You have to contact your loved one’s nursing home to check what safe options are currently available for you to try.

During this isolating time, you have to put in extra effort in making your loved ones feel connected. Apart from keeping in touch, though, what are the things you can remind them to do so that they can stay healthy during this time?

Healthy Habits for the Elderly

For the past several months, times have been feeling blurred, and days have been difficult to distinguish from one another. This has made some of us forget to maintain our physical and mental health. When you talk to your loved ones via call, make sure you remind them of the healthy habits they need to keep up so that they can stay safe, healthy, and away from the virus.

Remind your elderly loved ones that they have to take care of their general health and well-being. Although if they are in a nursing home, the chances are high that they are reminded of this daily, it is still different if it would come from a family member. Make them feel loved and cared about by reminding them of some healthy habits to maintain during this pandemic.

Some of these healthy habits are keeping a regular exercise routine, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sunshine to keep their mood uplifted. Maintaining these healthy habits will allow them to live healthier lives and ward off the dreaded virus.

Despite our busy schedules at work, we should provide enough time for our loved ones, even the elderly. It is part of our duty as a family to look out after one another every day and these tough days are no exception.

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