Upgrade Your Operations without Breaking the Bank Using These Tools


With technology, some basic tasks can be accomplished smoothly within a short period, giving you the chance to focus more on the other areas of your business. Aside from expediting some internal processes, these new technologies also offer services that help you market your brand better, letting you widen your reach and draw in customers in cost-efficient ways. Since the game is now happening on the web, you should also step up your online presence with the business tools listed below.

Social Media

It’s safe to say that everyone is on social media; some even have two or more profiles. With the internet being a place where people spend hours upon hours of their time, using it as a platform to market your brand is a smart and economical way to promote your enterprise. Tapping into social media platforms to publish your marketing materials has been a method used for years now. However, there are still innovative ideas that keep popping up on these platforms that an entrepreneur like you can use.

Official Website

A venture with an official website can beat businesses that even have multiple physical stores. Now that the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 virus, options to go outside and comfortably shop are still limited. As a result, customers turn to the online counterparts of stores to get their essentials. An official website can also become a platform where people can check out products and a way for businesses to increase sales because, unlike brick and mortar stores, a website is open 24/7 and does not abide by regular operating hours. Setting up your website includes getting a hosting provider, a domain name, and a web design that will encourage your visitors to explore its features. Furthermore, a website also offers plenty of opportunities, not only for your brand image, but it’s also a way for you to partner with other businesses. For instance, if your business is in the legal field, you can partner with a divorce attorney and have their details posted on your site so people in need of that specific service can click on your link and increase your website traffic.

Go Mobile

Though most people are likely to have a social media account, not everyone has access to an internet connection. On the other hand, everyone may have a cell phone with a sim card. To make sure that you are reaching out to all your clients, you can try mobile marketing to send promo codes and other rewards that can entice them to visit your shop. Telecommunication companies more commonly use this type of marketing to promote their plans through SMS or in-app messages.

Email Marketing

Many think that email is a thing of the past, but it is still deemed as one of the most trusted and legitimate ways of communicating used by companies. Students also use it to send homework to their professors. Having an email address is also a requirement when creating a profile on a social media platform, so just like social network profiles, email addresses are a way for businesses to improve their promotional strategies. You can use email blasts and send promotional materials to your collected email addresses to market your services. Another way for you to enhance your marketing is by tying up with other companies so that people can get both information in a single email.

Task Management Programs

Running a business is a busy and arduous task, and it sometimes can’t be helped if you forget the other duties you need to accomplish. Deadlines are things that need to be taken seriously, but when you are buried in a mountain of workload, it’s hard to keep track of how much you have finished and what tasks to prioritize. Whether you are short-staffed or not, a task management program can still be of help to you and your employees. With this, you can schedule the things you need to accomplish for the week and monitor your personnel’s progress, as well.

Cloud Services

Thanks to the new normal setup of flexible workplaces, professionals can now continue working from the safety of their homes, but this also has a few setbacks. For one, you do not have access to common workplace resources, like printers and the company’s local drive. A great solution for this is by trying out cloud services that can provide your business with secure web space for your important files. Through this, your employees are given access to essential documents and other assets.

Accounting Software

Owning a business also means that you have to take charge of payroll, but if you’re a startup and can only hire a few professionals, for the time being, getting someone else to manage your venture’s finances and your staff’s salary will only be an additional cost. To passively manage your venture’s expenses and your employees’ pay, you can use reliable accounting software so that you can focus on other pressing tasks.

By taking advantage of innovative technologies, some processes of running a business are made easy. These can also help your venture thrive and claim a permanent place in the market.

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