Four Ways Your Office Space Can Determine Your Company Culture

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Many things have been said about company culture. A culture is basically the guiding principle of the employees. It shows the most common things about them. And the prevailing culture may dictate the future of the company. For one, if you have a culture of efficiency, it is likely that your company can save a lot of money, time, and effort on processes and transactions. Many people will agree that corporate leaders should be the originator of the culture. However, there are a lot of factors that come into play.

The office space, for example, is one subtle factor that helps shape the company culture. You may not notice it, but the design, look, and layout of the office directly affect the mindset and motivations of your team members. So before you look for a Baltimore office space for rent and design it, here are some important things that you need to keep in mind:

In the Aspect of Health and Fitness

Modern offices are not designed to restrict employees of movement and health-oriented pursuits. This is why a lot of features have been built for this purpose. Such features include gyms, staircases, storage spaces for bicycles, and yoga rooms. When a company designs an office with these features in mind, they are basically encouraging their employees to be healthy and maintain work-life balance. There are even offices that have sleeping quarters, allowing employees to catch some sleep, which is an important facet of health.

In the Aspect of Collaboration


The layout of the office equipment and desks are also hints on the type of culture the company wants to start. When you have a lot of open spaces for conversations and meetings, the company essentially promotes collaboration and freethinking. When a company has a lot of spaces and studios for experiments and tests, they are basically encouraging creativity. In the same context, a company that has a lot of cubicles and fewer flexible spaces may value hierarchy, privacy, and competition.

When It Comes to Comfort

The selection of office furniture based on good design and health-related concerns may mean that the company values the employees’ well-being. So if you want to promote your employees’ physical health, you might want to use ergonomically designed seats and tables.

Some Other Factors to Look Into

The aesthetics of the company may also affect the way your employee views the culture. If you have a lax and thematic design, your employees may have the impression that you value creativity and openness. Overly formal design may convey that you value order and organization.

The culture of your company takes shape through different factors. The decisions of the leaders and the motivations of the employees are among them. But if you look closely, the way the office floor is planned and designed may also determine the culture that your company will have. With all these considerations in mind, it would be only wise to invest in a design that works—the type that suits your employees.

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