Four Landscaping Features for Your Sloped Yard

Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To RelaxLandscaping a sloping yard is challenging for both beginners and experienced landscapers. A hilly place is subject to issues such as water runoff, soil erosion and drainage problems. These elements affect the landscape design.

It is, therefore, important that whatever design you opt for is both functional and appealing. Below are some features to consider when designing your sloped property.

Retaining Wall

One of the most significant features of landscaping a sloped property is a retaining wall. While some basic walls are easy to construct, those on extremely sloped areas require the input of professionals, as they involve a lot of technicalities. These include backfilling, balancing the base with the height of the wall and installing a drainage system to prevent pooling. Also, a poorly constructed retaining wall is a health hazard.

In such a case, it is best to hire professional commercial landscaping services in West Atlanta to do the job for you. They will put in place a long-lasting wall that prevents erosion, drains water properly and adds to the beauty of your property. For slightly sloped areas, use boulders to create tiers for a dramatic effect. With the resulting sections, incorporate different plants and other design elements that blend to form a cohesive pattern.


After the construction of retaining walls, the other aspect to consider is the types of plants to incorporate. Consider the severity of the fall and rise of the slope, and the amount of light received, as this is essential for the nourishment of plants. Vegetation helps stabilize the soil and prevents it from escaping to the lower parts of the terrain.

Most landscaping plants require training and staking when young. However, some require only minimal attention once they establish. When picking some for your hilly area, consider its accessibility, the plants’ maintenance needs and the requirements for their ongoing nurturing. Stick to low-maintenance plants since messy ones will require extra work.

When sculpted nicely, tall shrubs will give a unique twist to your landscape design while adding to its appeal. For instant color, opt for ornamental shrubs. Consider plants that grow well on inclined grounds too, such as climbing ivies instead of using grass. To absorb excess moisture while adding character to the landscape, plant deep-rooted trees that thrive in excess moisture.

beautful landscaping


With all the effort you put into the landscaping plants, it would be a shame if foot traffic damaged them.  Incorporate concrete stairs or wooden steps depending on which will blend in well with your design. You can also create a pathway using stones to complement the surroundings.

Water Features

The sounds and sights of water features are calming and add tranquility to a space. A steep slope is ideal for a water feature. If you are considering one, this is the right place to have it. Installing a custom element such as a cascading waterfall offers a natural and modern look, and creates aesthetic appeal that sparks human interest.

Although the design of a slope is about its inclining angle, the approach has a significant bearing on the final look. Its landscaping requires experience and technical know-how. Work with a professional for a functional and visually appealing design.

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