For Contractors: Cutting Home Renovation Time in Half

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Home renovations don’t just happen overnight. It takes a lot of planning and proper execution to come up with great and (most importantly) safe results. But, time can also quickly kill a project. The more you delay it, the more costly it becomes. This is why it is crucial to make plans with time in mind, from how you execute the projected timeline to how you arrange the equipment and plant hire. Australia is home to the hottest properties, so if you don’t want your clients to be disappointed, you should do the job well and make their homes something they can be proud of in the shortest time possible.

What to do to save you time on your renovations

1) Make the schedule time-efficient.

To avoid wasting time, try your best to schedule the renovation dates with these factors in mind. You’re usually not the one who makes that kind of decision, but still, convince your clients, especially if you want to get the job done fast.

  • Check the weather – The best time to do renovations is when the weather is good. This is obvious, but it is a common mistake people commit when renovating. Warm weather (not too hot) and no rain is what you’re aiming for. It will be easier for you to work, and no rain can disrupt your progress.
  • Avoid holidays – You wouldn’t want to start renovations when there’s a lot of holidays. Shops will be closed, and you can’t have anything delivered in the off-chance that you’ll need something.
  • Secure permits and paperwork early – Get your permits and paperwork completed before starting anything to guarantee that you don’t experience problems during your renovations

2) Plan the materials you need and where you’ll store them.

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This may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to saving time, it is important. Plan ahead with the quantity of each material you’ll need and where you’ll store them during the renovations. You’ll avoid the need to visit shops for more stock and delay the progress because of your unorganised working space. Organisation is the key to success. The tidier you work, the faster it will be to accomplish your everyday tasks.

3) Choose materials that are in stock.

It’s also equally important to choose materials that are in stock and readily available. You wouldn’t want to be left waiting when something is suddenly out of stock.

4) Choose just one company to hire from and estimate when you’ll need them

There’s nothing worse than having all your materials ready, but no machine to work with. It’s important to schedule your plant hire ahead of time to guarantee that you have the right machines to use during the days you need them. Hiring from one company is also time-efficient as you will not have to worry about talking to different owners for every machine.

You can reduce the time it takes to complete renovations with just a few minor changes to your plan. Delays are inevitable, but if you plan everything ahead of time, find good suppliers, and organise everything as meticulously as you can, you should be able to avoid unnecessary waiting periods. And you won’t just be saving time, you’ll be pleasing your clients.

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