Five Little-known Facts About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds conceptBail bonds come in handy when a loved one is arrested and you cannot afford the bail amount for their release from jail. Bail bonds, which are in terms of loans, are offered by bail bond companies. The odds are that you are new to bail bonds and the whole process. But if someone close to you is arrested, you have to research about the bail process.

When someone close to you is arrested, one of the first things that you need to do is to decide whether to post bail for the person to be out of jail as soon as possible. But since people don’t know much about the bail process, they have a lot of questions and sometimes misconceptions. There are a few little-known facts that you need to learn about bail bonds before you start the process.

Bail amounts are predetermined

What most people don’t know is that bail amounts are usually calculated. The bail schedules are the suggested bail amounts in terms of money, and the amount is often based on an array of things such as the crime itself. Judges consider these factors in determining the bail amount, but often, a severe and dangerous crime calls for a high bail amount. Consequently, a reputable bail bondsman in Rowan County cannot help negotiate the bail amount because it is usually predetermined.

Bail can be revoked or denied

One of the little-known facts about bonds is that they can be rejected. For instance, a judge might deny bail when the arrested person is deemed to be a danger to society or a flight risk. Judges can deny bail based on other factors. Additionally, bail can be revoked after payments. If the released person violates the terms and conditions given, the bond is withdrawn, and the individual goes back to jail.

A bail bond is a loan


bail bond

You can go to a bail bondsman if you don’t have enough money to settle the entire bail amount. A licensed bondsman will cover your bail, and you agree to pay a certain amount as fees. As such, your loved one doesn’t have to remain in jail when you are unable to raise the full bail amount; a bail bond agency can loan you.

Bail bonds cannot be accessed from everywhere

Bail bonds services are likely to be the first option when your loved one gets arrested. But most people don’t know that not all states allow bail. Bail bond services are not available in all states in the U.S. Residents of the restricted states have to remain dependent on their funds.

Bail requires conditions of release

Your loved one is released on bail based on specific requirements given by the judge. The judge takes into consideration an array of factors when deciding whether the person needs conditions of release, such as prior convictions, mental health, finances, and character. Some bail bond conditions entail obeying state and federal laws, staying away from crime, and restriction to travel.

You know that you have options to get your loved one out of jail after being arrested. Also, these facts should help you as you start the bail bond process. Make sure that you deal with a reputable bail bond agency.

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