Female-friendly Work Culture: Five Starting Points

female friendly work environment

Studies found that women-led organizations are more likely to have satisfied, inspired, and engaged employees. Others even claim that companies run by women offer a more positive work environment wherein job satisfaction is met. However, that doesn’t mean female employees working at male-led organizations cannot thrive in their own ways. 

Numerous companies today are establishing and promoting women-friendly culture or work environment. Some organizations are even becoming more open to having females in executive roles. If your company is also aiming to work toward creating a female-friendly culture, here are some easy strategies to help you out.

Ensure equal pay and access

One of the biggest issues in man industries today is the unequal pay and access between men and women. In most cases, female employees are cut from the top considerations when it comes to leading high-visibility work. Hardworking women in the business world may be seen as diligent or productive, but never that strategic enough to get equal or even higher pay. If your company values equality, incorporate policies for equality into your culture. Make sure your female employees possess equal access to high-visibility projects. Give them the chance to lead strategic projects. On top of that, give them transparency on how promotion and salary decisions are made.

Watch out for sexual harassment

It’s a sad reality that male-led companies have a bad reputation for sexual harassment. However, that is gradually changing as more men in all lines of work already know the impact of their behavior toward women. Eliminating sexual harassment requires company leadership, and there’s no such thing as small steps. Put up reminders for avoiding offhand comments or teasing.

These may not be prohibited by law, but when it is severe and frequent, it can create an offensive or hostile environment. And that leads to harassment, which is illegal. If you want to maintain a fair and equal work environment, make it a point to always address claims and signs of sexual harassment. Calculating the cost of defending yourself in court can give you more motivation.

Rethink incentives or benefits

Your company’s benefits and policies play a huge role in attracting and retaining female employees. Just like men in the workforce, women also demand an opportunity for greater flexibility and better work-life balance. A female-friendly culture is a culture of engagement, which you can achieve by allowing your employees to take care of their personal responsibilities. There is a growing movement of organizations that offer unlimited vacation time to all their workers. This non-monetary benefit offers both women and men a chance to attend to their personal matters and have more time with their loved ones.

By providing an open-ended PTO policy, you can boost the employees’ satisfaction, happiness, and productivity. If you have single mothers or working parents in the company, consider adding a few more benefits that they can enjoy. These include a private mothers’ lounge, daycare services, and more flexible schedules.

Support their financial goals

Did you know that finance is among the industries that are usually male-led? Many women are typically seen as not strategic enough when it comes to finances. You can change that by helping your employees achieve their financial goals. This isn’t just about providing higher pay or more monetary benefits. You can also support them by providing financial education led by professionals. Doing so can help them understand the importance of saving and investment. Plus, you can educate them about how to pay off their debts strategically. They can learn how to check their current credit standing or report and find the best payment method to finish them off in a shorter term.

Offer full flexibility

Most companies add small doses of flexibility into their benefits package. But if you’re looking to take on a bigger step, creating complete flexibility in your company can be an amazing plan. Surveys reveal that most women consider workplace flexibility as their number one criteria for applying or staying in a company. Give your female employees a flexible schedule so that they can go to the gym or pick up their kids at school once their work for the day is done. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t work for all industries or businesses. Consider your operations and processes to find out how you can maximize n flexibility.

Showing gender diversity leads to higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity, better decision-making, and greater innovation. In these steps, you can start creating a culture where women can excel and become their own leaders. Build a place where they can openly work towards upper management positions.

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