Enhancing Your Business Reach and Presence to Baby Boomers

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Baby Boomers are on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to generational gaps. They completely mirror the Millennial mindset. Boomers are those mostly born in the years 1946 to 1964. They are the offspring of the Greatest Generation and were born after World War 2. They hold the second largest age group at almost 70 million in the United States. The Millennial Generation still holds the most people of any age group at 72 million.

Now already aged around 55 to 75, it is most noteworthy that they hold 53% of the country’s entire wealth. Even after all these years, they still control many of the industries we have today. They are also great movers of policymaking in the country. As such, their opinions are always significant and must be respected. They are still a market worth aiming for.

Today’s businesses are all about reach, reach, and reach. Sadly, the Baby Boomer generation is not as versed and adaptable to new technology and new marketing methods as the younger generations. While they appreciate good technology, it seems that not all kinds of marketing efforts are working on the Boomer market. What are the few ways your business can expand its reach and presence to Baby Boomers through marketing?

Using Facebook Extensively

Coursing your marketing efforts through Facebook is one of the best strategies you can do to reach Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers are strangely fascinated by the biggest social media company in recent history. In the United States, around 75% of Baby Boomers use Facebook. While 82% of those who use the internet regularly have a social media account – whether it is Facebook or something else entirely. According to surveys, Facebook is the common ground for Boomers to find and connect with their old friends and family.

Facebook has the largest number of social media account users and base compared to all others. Facebook also has the flexibility as an all-around social media website. The ability to play relaxing games such as Bejewelled and Farmville on their accounts makes Facebook an attractive website to log on to.

Facebook also has its own secure Marketplace, with a similar structure to Craigslist, where people can deal and barter novelty items with one another. It is very simple to use. It has a very convenient and understandable user interface brought about by extensive psychological studies. Marketing on Facebook is the way to go if you are specifically targeting the Baby Boomer market.

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Targeting Secondary Players

Aiming for secondary players in the social media market is another good idea you can invest your money in when it comes to marketing to Baby Boomers. While there are not many social media websites left from Facebook’s clout, some survive Facebook’s coverage. Some blog sites and media opinion outlets are still strong receivers of views from Boomers and Millennials alike.

Advice from a digital marketing firm will be extremely helpful in fleshing out how you can attack these websites and effectively expand your reach. Even the remaining percentage of Boomers not using Facebook is still a significant amount of people. Methods like SEO marketing, Email Outreach, and Content Generation are some effective ways to reach your targets.

Building Trust

Like any other type of market, building trust with Boomers is always an effective way to expand your reach. Marketing through word of mouth from generally distrusting Boomers is a successful method to increase coverage. Baby Boomers have seen many types of products in their lifetimes. They have seen their fair share of ineffective ones that are not worth their time. By having trustworthy and caring product philosophies, you can easily appeal to a largely distrusting market. Avoid wasting their time by always being honest about all aspects of your product.

Not Treating Them as Aging

If there’s one thing Boomers hate, it is treating them as aging, old, and already fading away. Making sure your marketing efforts never mention their age is important, whether it is through print, television, radio, or digital media. They wouldn’t bother with a product that treats them as if they’re close to their own demise. Alluding to their age with terms like “experienced,” “wise,” or “veteran” will be more appealing for them.

Marketing to a specific sector is hard. Marketing to Baby Boomers is even harder. Learning their dislikes and preferences will make you better prepared in marketing to the highest-earning age group amongst others.

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