Cloud Computing: Driving Your Business Growth Faster

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Cloud computing is driving an army of businesses to greater heights. If you have not heard of the term, it’s highly likely you have used the cloud and are happy about it. Top of that list is Google Docs. Yes, for the record, Docs and its parent Google Drive are cloud computing at their finest.

Specifically, it’s a SaaS or software as a service. SaaS cloud computing allows you to use software online so long as you’ve accessed the internet. But Docs isn’t the only SaaS in town; Slack, Spotify, Canva, Netflix, and DropBox are other samples of SaaS. Yes, YouTube is, too (though software developers do beg to disagree). So that should show how cloud computing is changing the world even if you’re not too familiar with it.

And yet, SaaS is not the only useful service you can make the most of when it comes to cloud computing. There’s also Platform as a Service  (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). For one, PaaS allows you to use systems online (e.g., application development, application testing). It allows you to scale without having to spend a lot on buying your own system architecture.

Truly, all this can sound daunting unless you’re a software engineer. The good news is we’re showing you ways how your enterprise can make the most of cloud computing so you can move forward by leaps and bounds.

Efficiency at Least Cost

For a common example, think of Google Docs. Your team from different parts of the planet can pore into the same document, edit it at the same time and come up with a better version. Imagine the convenience you get of not having to meet in person to discuss the merits of a design. And imagine the dollars you save by working on the same document at the same time. You gain efficiency without even spending a dollar, assuming you’ve not run out of cloud storage.

In short, you need not buy storage to enjoy the benefits of storage. You can even save a lot more with PaaS. You gain access to the platform and all the services inside that platform. A fine example here is ServiceNow implementation services. With the cloud platform, you need not buy hardware and software to use applications that boost your operations (e.g., sales, accounting). ServiceNow has it ready for use for your enterprise. Just add a few tweaks, and you should be good to go. It’s no wonder why the company has become a trusted PaaS brand for many big corporations.

In the long run, you are in a better position to scale your business at least cost with cloud computing.

Data Security


You really can’t take the fear away. Any business, big and small, will have security concerns regarding the security of their data. Data breaches, for one, can level an enterprise to the ground. This is especially true with small businesses that don’t have as much financial muscle as big corporations. As reported, 10% of small businesses have shuttered due to data breaches.

But not if cloud storage can’t help it. With advanced cloud storage protections, cloud storage providers ensure your data is safe and sound. For one, they implement access control and data encryption. Thus, you need not hire top-notch experts to avail of such features. And no need to buy extra equipment for security purposes.

Better Scalability

Of course, a company made up of 500 employees will need a bigger IT infrastructure compared to a small business with a dozen employees. But as you scale, you may have to adjust your IT capabilities and spend in the process. This is where cloud computing can be most helpful. You need not fear you’ll waste tons of precious dollars on IT infrastructure that you might not need in the future. Cloud can cater to your need whether you’re a mega-corporation or a small business. Thus, you can scale up or scale down with ease.

In a world where your demand could grow exponentially rapidly, this is a major advantage. All you have to do is increase your cloud computing capacity in direct correlation to your business growth. Then when things go down and demand is lower, you can easily scale down with minimal costs.

Greater Mobility

We live in a highly mobile world. And this plays all too well to the advantage given by cloud computing. Why? Because cloud services are accessible via smartphones and other mobile devices. That means you can provide pertinent data on agents far away on the field. So long as they have access to the internet, things should be good to go.

On the other end of the spectrum, your field agents and other key personnel can supply you with needed data from anywhere in the world, all accessible on your smartphone. Indeed, this is how Zoom became the go-to app during the pandemic. And that should be your cue. Cloud computing is the platform to support your business growth best.

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