Digitization of Business Processes — Why Bother?

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Not everyone believes in the digital age. There are many Baby Boomers out there who hate the way things are when it comes to digitization. Compared to almost 100% of millennials, only 2/3s of the older generations embrace smartphones. Less than half, on average, own tablets and computers, and a little over half use social media. They say that digitization makes everything complicated and an additional inconvenience. Older generations trail the younger ones because they are not as adaptable as their younger counterparts. They like sticking to what used to work for them.

These adults are not confident enough about their own ability to learn something new, especially when it comes to new technology or new electronic devices. You can ask many millennials nowadays how many arguments have sprouted because of teaching an older member of the family how to use a gadget or browse the internet. Digital etiquette gets thrown out the window when it comes to Baby Boomers because they are busy figuring things out in the digital world.

The same attitude goes for old and traditional businesses. Owners of these businesses are avoiding digitizing their programs and their processes for the alleged inconvenience it may probably cause. It is not hard to see the correlation between technological averseness and the age of business owners who have capital. The age of most startup founders is averaging at 45 years old. While most of these people have accepted the digital age and have incorporated it into the business model, countless others are not educated enough on the wonders of digitizing the business processes.

Over the last few decades, the systems have been extremely reliant on the internet to do business — why bother digitizing business processes?

Record Storage

First and foremost, digitization will make record keeping so much easier. One of the perks of digitizing business processes is the ability to keep a neatly arranged data storage for your business. There are a lot of ways you can store business records. The traditional method of keeping records involves keeping piles and piles of hard copies of records, “digital” copies of records through diskettes, compact discs (CDs), or digital versatile discs (DVDs), or not recording transactions at all.

Today, cloud technology through the internet enables businesses to have a backup of all the records available. You can store almost an infinite amount of data as you please. Digital records are also safe, secure, and very convenient. It is effortless to pull up any transaction you need only by searching through the search box. The organization of digital files is also straightforward to do through the computer. Anyone can be trained to handle a cloud storage solution. ACI training courses relating to information technology infrastructure are easy to get by and are cheap relative to the solutions they bring.

Data Processing

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Business is more streamlined when it is digitized. The infrastructure digitization brings to the business cannot be matched yet. Through digitization, business processes become more efficient. It can poke many holes into the problematic chain the business might be festering with for years. Data processing is one of the main functions of computer systems. It always tries to find a way to solve your problem through the fastest method. To deprive your business of such as solution is a slap in the face of those who made it possible. Computer scientists have sacrificed so much to bring this technology to us for our use.

Data Transmission

Data transmission has never been easier, thanks to digitization. Unlike slow mail, telephone, fax, and telegram data transmission has never been more instantaneous. Data transmission is one of the perks of the digitization of business. Because of digitization, businesses can connect with their suppliers, as well as shop for other suppliers, today. Digitization also allows businesses to reach their end-users or customers faster. The entire landscape of business marketing was changed because of the efficiency computers bring.

Additional Revenue

Digitization can easily be monetized because of the efficiency and convenience it brings to the market. Because transactions happen instantaneously, it has become the vessel of new venture capitalists to earn additional revenue. Digitization has now become a marketable service for the public’s indulgence. A lot of businesses want to digitize their business now. Aside from the convenience it brings, they can easily monetize on the opportunity by charging extra fees to cover the supposed costs of going to the business yourself. Additional revenue streams can become endless ones in the digitization of the business.

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